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Thanks for your support. When I spoke earlier about people with big hearts, I certainly intended to include you in that group. You were the only one here to post a reply to Fly in this thread (for over a year), and you said that you intend to re-visit some of my other threads. I need to warn you, however, that will probably not be a very happy way for you to spend your time. More than one person here has tried to drop me a hint about those threads, saying that they are usually lonely for good reason. A few of them just contain my ravlngs about beautiful women. But, before I proceed, may I ask you if people call you anything for short? Does anyone call you Bella or Bellisima? I ask because I have a hard time remembering how to spell Badabellisima.

When it comes to discussing Christianity, I'm afraid that I'm at a big disadvantage because I never learned much of anything about Christianity until I was about 40 and then I quickly became Agnostic just as soon as I figured out how. Later in life I've come to believe in the existence of God as well as God's dominion over all the world. But I still feel pretty clueless when it comes to knowing very much about God.

Re: For Easter: My Close Encounter with Jesus Christ

well now, Bellisima sounds fine! i, too, had some disappointments with hitting the wall so-to-speak with the limitations of the western reductionist-type approach to understanding/learning physics. Or some other disciplines as well. Perhaps you were ready for another avenue, and the mathematical approach wan't right at that time. i bounced out of biochem at Berkeley when the method of teaching began to suck the life out of the joy i had for the beauty of it all. Back in high school, i clearly recall the intense joy of discovering the mystery of electron orbitals while swinging in the hammock reading the summer school book for hours per day. Not contradictory to religious study in any way to me. When studying in college later got too stale, the "death sentence" effect propelled me into the Arts, as well as Theology studies, which profoundly improved my life in other dimensions. So i can't say i regret the equation-solving blues back then, because it forced me onto another path that was even better! Maybe you need to accept your death sentence (like Tony?) and see what's on the Other Side...

Re: For Easter: My Close Encounter with Jesus Christ

Bellisima wrote:i bounced out of biochem at Berkeley when the method of teaching began to suck the life out of the joy i had for the beauty of it all.

Bellisima! Oh my gosh, I just got a tiny preminition of you talking about Berkeley! You know, you kind of remind me of someone. Can you guess who that might be?

Heh, Heh. It's Meadow. Do you know Meadow Soprano? She's a very interesting lady.

Seriously though, I was just taking some time to prepare to explain my wacky physics theory about the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon. I remember that Einstein was once quoted as saying something about how space and time were really just illusions. I hope that I can remember how to frame my theory. It's not particularly advanced in a mathematical sense. But it does make use of a little bit of physics as well as a tiny bit of math. No calculus though.

I'll try to prepare a little bit and come back later.

Re: For Easter: My Close Encounter with Jesus Christ

Hello again Fly,
FOMW wrote:...But the guy does think of Christ as the third singularity...

Heh. I recall that one of your long term goals was to produce your own film.

It occurs to me that either or both of "The Third Singularity" or "Christ as the Third Singularity", might well make an interesting possible movie titles. In addition. the concept behind the title might well make for an interesting concept for the film. Heh. Heh.

Re: For Easter: My Close Encounter with Jesus Christ

And i'm so glad you did bump it up for 2008. Isn't it amazing how like when reading the bible, the same story can have entirely new meaning when you re-read it or are comng from a new place when you re-discover it!? A lot has transpired since you first posted that story- for all of us here at The Chase Lounge.

Last Easter, if i thought that this year would be anything like it turned out, who knows if i would have plunged ahead fearlessly to face it...: 5 months ago we suddenly lost my little sister. Now, a month ago, my brother went in for a stomach ache, and came out with a stage 4 terminal pancreatic/liver cancer diagnosis, and wants me to be his durable medical power of attorney. i have been posting on this in Braintalk to get feedback of a spiritul nature, mainly because of my concerns about how two years ago, when my oldest sister was dying of cancer at the age of only 50, i got kicked out of the house for giving her a popsicle against her orders for no food and drink at the 'end'. (she eagerly accepted it, but was too sick to speak and change her standing order). It was breaking my heart. i can't forget it.

i told my brother that i will not refuse him a popsicle. i explained to him that even Jesus was offered wine (twice i think) at the end while he was hanging up there on the cross suffering. The first time, he did take a sip and clearly accepted it, but the Roman guards had laced it with gall making it bitter, so he didn't drink it, i think the story goes (maybe there's different interps). The second time He got wine on a sponge, i think He did get a sip, but then expired. Point is, even though He was/is the Son of God, he still was human enough to be thirsty and its okay to give Him comfort in those last terrible hours. Now, my faith (catholic) doesn't allow us to "hasten" death, but we can give pain meds and popsicles, etc. If i understand it correctly, we aren't supposed to give mind-altering meds that would ruin a dying person's ability to deal with their life rationally - sorry, i can't speak too intelligently on this right now.

Anyway- what an Easter. My brother seems quite at peace with the situation, and jokes about his future fishing trip with my Grampa and Dad, who also died way too young at 53, when we were all young. We all have strong faith and are quite sure of his future encounter with Jesus and future life with God in a much happier and more peaceful place than now. God is calling us- seems way too young-- but i think He calls us when our work is done.

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bada, your family certainly seems to be drawing the short straw a lot. Very sad news about your brother, especially since it's so soon after your sister's sudden passing. The flipside is the faith that you mention and the assurance you all know and feel about the nature of earthly mortality, despite the sting of grief that plagues the living.

I will keep your brother and family in my prayers.
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Re: For Easter: My Close Encounter with Jesus Christ

Thanks so much, Fly. Easter is the time to celebrate the Resurrection and all that that entails- the blessings and gifts bestowed upon each of us, such as occurred at the Pentecost when Jesus went back up to His Father. And surely all the members of this group have shown their diverse and extraordinary gifts through their sharing and posts, -all made possible because we have a place at the table in this Lounge- set in part by you, and thru the blessing of God, i have no doubt.

Re: For Easter: My Close Encounter with Jesus Christ

Indeed, bada, you and your family will be in my prayers also.

I can see that your faith is strong and I know that must be a great help in these times, though even with that it must be hard to have so much happen in such a short time. I can only hope it helps to strengthen your faith further (as it seems to have done.) And know that your strong faith does indeed make me look on my own and helps reinforce what can waiver from time to time. Thankfully such does not exist in a vacuum.

I hope you have a more peaceful year between now and next Easter, bada. I think you could use a break from these things for a bit. But if not, know we are here whenever you need to share, cry, laugh or just be with friends.

And indeed, thanks for posting this again, Fly. As bada's faith touches me, so too does your own. I appreciate it more than I could possibly say.
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