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Splishak wrote:I despise "cutesy" made up words or phrases such as "guesstimate" or "approximate guesstimate".

But I find it tends to reveal a consistent character trait among people who often use this word or phrase.

Most everyone who seems to use this phrase consistently seems to me to be suffering from some kind of lack in their self-image.

Why do they seem to think it makes them seem more knowledgeable or more professional to say "guesstimate" instead of "guess" or "estimate"? Perhaps it's because there is no real meaning for "guesstimate".

It's very similar to people who use a word that they may have heard but have never looked up in the dictionary. Perhaps they figure that if they use a word that they don't understand, no one else in the room will likely understand it either and that everyone will consider them to be the smartest person in the room as a result.
You stole my thunder here Splishak! I have been in countless arguements with people who INSIST "guesstimate" and "estimate" are different words. When asked to define estimate, they say "educated guess." I guess that makes a guesstimate an "educated estimate." I have no idea.

I also agree that the people I see using this are brainless twenty-something corporate clowns trying to sound clever and hip, or people who have no grasp of language at all. Oh wait, now I'm being redundant. :icon_cool:
A little powdered sugar and he woulda been done!
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