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<span style="color:navy;font-family:century gothic;font-size:small;">Per the conversation Splishak and I had yesterday regarding Pit Bulls and Breed Speciific Legislation, I am starting this thread. Splishak, I hope you don't mind I jumped ahead and started it.

Splishak, I am aware of Toronto's push to ban Pit Bulls and the severity of the ban. How terrible it would have to come to owners giving up their beloved dogs or moving out of the Toronto area. </span>


Re: Breed Specific Legislation

I'll copy the post I made in that thread here as an example of an experience with pit bulls. This is my only experience with one:

There is a lady who lives across the street from me who owns a two-year-old pit bull and she walks the dog all the time and this dog is a big friendly goofy dog who behaves like a puppy. Every time I stop to say hello, she jumps up on me (almost knocking me down) and gives my face a whole bunch of kisses. Naturally, I asked the owner the first time for permission to pet the dog and got her OK. I told the owner that I didn't mind her jumping up on me and all the kisses so it's not like the dog is badly behaved at all. This dog is something else. She's a big strong pitbull but acts just like a goofy little puppy.

In Toronto, they are fighting about laws to ban pit bulls though and it's really a big ruckus. They passed the laws at one time but have been trying to get them declared unconstitutional.

What is happening in Chicago? What will you do if they pass those laws?


Re: Breed Specific Legislation

I live in sprignfield MO and they have just passed after years of trying. It's not as bad as it could be though, you must register your dog, only pitbulls though, not rots or pinshers or any other "vicious breed". total b.s. After you register it you MUST have a tag placed under the skin. The turnouts at the city council were so packed people we're waiting outside with their dogs just to get a chance to talk. Here where I live, I think it's more than just breed stereotyping and prejudice, I honestly believe that it is straight racism against the people who own them. granted most of the "pits" you see arent really. most "breeders" i know dont have any license or anything. at the council meetings there were stories about how a neighbors chihuaua has bitten 4 or 5 kids. the people have tried to get it labeled as vicious or have it put down but the red tape is a mile long. i heard several stories like that. but anychance they get to destroy a pit gets taken care of immedietly. and about the "vicious breed" deal, everyone knows year in and year out cockerspaniels send more kids to the E.R. than any other breed.

Im no member of any kennel club or anything. i do know a lot of "dog people" and after being around and having realationshisps with a lot of different dogs i have never enjoyed the company of any animal more than i have the APBT's i've known. being the somewhat responsible persn i am i have read books on every breed i've wanted to own though other than 2 muts i've had as a kid i have yet to purchase my first AKC dog. if you do your research theres nothing really wrong or scary about them. the only thing is that they are more likely to be abused imo. and part of that abuse is the way they are bred in innercities.

i would like to know PITBULLLUV are you a breeder? if not where would you suggest to look. and if they have a website. thanks for listening to my rant.


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<span style="color:navy;font-family:century gothic;font-size:small;">No, I am not a breeder but I can give you two websites of breeders that are responsible meaning they test the hips, elbows, heart, etc. of their breeding stock. Because they are responsible breeders, they don't breed on a mass scale, so you would have to be put on a waiting list. I will get back to you later tonight. </span>


Re: Breed Specific Horrors

I got the link at the bottom of this post from The Drudge Report -

Apparently some cities are contemplating or even passing legislation to force dog owners to insert microchips into their pets.

I wonder if there is currently any capability to track the location of a chip. If so, this is a huge invasion of privacy. If all dogs are ID'd in this way, they could find your dog and grab it - even if you move or are in hiding. You may hear a knock at your door at any time.,00.html

P.S. For those of you who may not be familiar with The Drudge Report, it is pretty right wing in its politics, but it is also one of the most fair minded sites for reporting news without selling out to corporate business interests. I am not right winged, but I like it because it's a good place to get the news without being fed lots of commercial crap.

I just wish there was a left wing (or no wing) equivalent to The Drudge Report. If anyone knows of such a place, please let me know?

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