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In reponse to your "official" hello, I offer an official welcome.:icon_biggrin: Glad you decided to come out of lurkdom.

I recall passing through Charleston many years ago on a family vacation. IIRC, we had lunch at a restaurant that was housed in an old converted train, and there were many Gone with the Wind allusions in it (which is undoubtedly why we ate there . . . GWTW was my mother's favorite film). I wonder if that place is still there.

In any case, it seemed a very charming city from my recollections of it.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Let Us Know Where You Are From And A Little About Yourse

Hi. One or two of you asked why I waited so long to join since I've been lurking forever. The main reason is that I don't get much computer time, except at work. If I'd joined any sooner I'd probably have gotten fired by now! My "coffee breaks" have gotten a lot longer these past few days . . .

I'm 43--right in between James Gandolfini and Michael Imperioli. I'm a book editor. I did used teach film studies in a former life (history & theory, not screenwriting or production). I got hooked on The Sopranos when some friends invited me over to watch the Season 2 finale when the season was being repeated. Of course I had no idea who Big Pussy or anyone else was, but it was clear how emotionally wrenching this was, and all the stuff with the talking fish and the boardwalk and the dreams was just amazing. I immediately ran out and rented the first two seasons and caught up in two weeks. When I watched Funhouse again I was even more blown away.

I don't watch a lot of TV, although I was an obsessed Twin Peaks viewer, and used to watch the whole Thursday night Friends-Seinfeld-ER lineup. I also used to watch tons of basketball and was a huge Seattle Sonics and Sacramento Kings fan. But the Sonics management made me wretch and both teams traded away all my favorite players. Mostly I watch a lot of movies if I'm home, but I'm never home--hence the necessity of being naughty and posting here while I'm at work.

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Welcome to the forum, Clementine. (I have to fight back the reflex to preface your name with, "Oh my darling".:icon_biggrin:) I certainly hope your posting doesn't compromise your position at work, but I'm glad you decided to add your voice to the chorus here before it's all over. I've enjoyed all your posts thus far but, sadly, have just felt too depressed about Tony post-Kennedy/Heidi and too emotionally divested from his fate to really respond like I normally do. I hope that turns around by the end.

I'm an avid NBA watcher too (get League Pass every year), but I mainly watch out of loyalty to individual players rather than teams. I'm a Vince Carter fan, so the Nets are my current rooting interest (which makes for a nice NJ/Sopranos connection, especially since James Gandolfini has been shown at a number of home games the past couple of years). My aunt was a rabid Kings fan a few years ago, when the core included Divac, Stojakovic, Webber, and, especially Mike Bibby and Bobby Jackson. Alas, she is no longer a Kings fan either.

Maybe the Sonics can win you back. Word is they'll draft second this year and are almost certain to pick the highly-regarded Kevin Durant.:icon_wink:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Let Us Know Where You Are From And A Little About Yourse

i have never introduced myself. Reading some more recent previous posts, I guess it is something I should do :)

Hey my name is Stu. Single 48 year old guy. I live here on Long Island in a small city by the sea (the terrible movie was not filmed here), 1 hour away via commuter rail from Manhattan, 45 minutes by car from Brooklyn, on an island almost off of Long Island called Long Beach. I grew up in Brooklyn.

Federal Employee, (no I don't work for the same Agency as Agent Harris :) ), civilian working for military dealing with databases and geographic information systems (GIS) or Maps that link to databases to put it simple.

Growing up in the NYC Metro area, many of us have always been interested in Mob stories. Our Newspapers especially, have, been huge chronicles of it. Guess I lived reading, hearing via word of mouth and maybe seeing incidents/events over time (nothing violent, illegal or characters to point to), that would make bits in any movie or tv series on the mob.

It seemed, at one time everyone could drive by John Gotti's home and knew where he lived, the same with Carlo Gambino, Joe Columbo etc, when they were alive as well as some other notorious figures. It is so weird, we know what they do or did for a living and everyone knew where they live. I have to wonder if that would be same with Tony Soprano if it was not fiction.

One incident, was when some people I know went to eat pizza somewhere, no seats in the front of the place, so they wanted to sit in the back of the place, at a "reputable" neighborhood. 4 men with brief cases walked in, and were heading to the back, they all were dressed similar, actual pinstripe suits, right out of the movies. You just knew, you better not sit back there and sort of could guess if you watched the news in New York, who they probably worked for ;-)

Another was a former next door neighbor who use to go out nights dressed up very well, always drove fancy cars, always in some biz. Parents and neighbors would whisper he is in some sort of rackets. Several years later, planted in his back yard in Brooklyn or Queens, owed money, according to the newspapers.

Could type other stories or so like the above, nothing spectacular, just incidents that you just could guess who what and where, about. Perhaps half the people from Brooklyn back then would have their own story or walk ins with the certain characters, that passed by them or heard 2nd hand. Perhaps to make things interesting, a topic should be open about such accidental situations, nothing criminal, with such Tony Soprano / Phil Leotardo like characters.

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Hello everyone!

I've lived in South Jersey for the last 18 years. Previously lived in Cincinnati, Atlanta, Dallas, with brief stints during childhood in New Orleans, and Aurora Il.

I'm a librarian, which is partly responsible for my name. Never can think of a really good clever name.

I love tight, complex literary works, and Chase's multi-layered classic is a great epic.

My 22 year old son watches Sopranos with me for the first viewing at 9 on Sundays. I also have a couple of daughters.

Thanks for the great forum Fly and thanks for all the great posts everyone.

Re: Let Us Know Where You Are From And A Little About Yourse

Hi, I'm a 100% italian 48 year old woman.

I started watching Sopranos when I was on biz trips and would put on HBO for noise. I didn't know the characters at all, but could tell the acting was brilliant and the depiction of Italian Americans was spot on. I think it was in season 2.

I didn't have HBO, but 'tuned' in to the station and could hear the dialogue but the screen was fuzzy. It was the episode when Furio thought about pushing Tony into the propeller blade, and I couldn't tell what then I was onto the story. My husband and I spent a couple weekends catching up on Season 1 and 2 and finally subscribed to HBO.

I have been just as addicted to the Chase Lounge as the actual show. The conversations often change my view of the episodes. I watch at a whole new level. It's amazing.

I used to talk about Fly and the Chase Lounge at work. I think my colleagues thought I was nuts. Anyway, I think Fly should teach a course on the Sopranos at a college.

Happy to have met you all. I cannot believe the span of backgrounds and ages of the folks on this site.

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