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JerseyGirl wrote:Oh boy - this is gonna be quite some discussion!! :icon_confused: :icon_razz:
Believe me, JG, give me the chance and I'll have a few questions for the man. But I would never do so in a confrontational way. I respect the man's work too much! I just wish he'd been able to make some type of definite statement rather than...well, pussy-foot around the issue which I am increasingly coming to believe. :icon_rolleyes:

Fly - curious to see what the response is.:smile:
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Re: Settling on a date

Do we have an RSVP date here? Echoing what DH says above, I would hope we'd all be grateful enough for the audience to be respectful of what he wants to discuss or not which I imagine he'll communicate in less oblique a fashion than he did Tony's fate. (Pronounced O-BLEE-KE, Jackie Junior style)

Re: Settling on a date

Taking advantage of the fact that I've been around here the last couple of days to report that I still have been given no answer on January 19th. I last asked for an update the first week of this month, and Jason wrote back October 10th, "Give me one more day. David has just returned from Europe and is a little sick."

I interpreted that as standard "under the weather" and not serious. But I did not ever hear back from him and am frankly tiring of the whole thing being put off again and again. Not sure if Jason is the one dropping the ball this time by simply not pressing for an answer or whether Chase is being non-committal or otherwise fussy about the whole thing. Either way, I have no interest in begging.

I will politely ask one more time in a couple of weeks if I haven't heard from Jason first by then. Of course, given what I and some others had to say in the "David Chase Latest Comments" thread, I suppose he could have read those remarks and REALLY gotten pissed off for good.

So be it. I felt the criticisms of his attitudes toward viewers was warranted. While I would certainly be very decorous in any face to face meeting with those kinds of opinions, I don't want the prospect of this gathering to cause me not to be able to speak my mind and true feelings on this board.

Either way, I'll let you all know within a few weeks whether this thing is going to be officially called off for good.
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Re: Settling on a date

Fly, I'm impressed that you have gotten the "definite possibility of a firm maybe" which is more than any of us could achieved. Chase or no Chase, it doesn't matter; you're the best. Thanks for giving us this forum; it gave me a much deeper appreciation of the show.

Re: Settling on a date

Wow, I'm very impressed that you managed to get to Chase!

If thi sgoes ahead I'd love to be involved (if possible!)

Obviously I'd be coming from the UK so it may prove a little difficult, but it sure would be worth it!

Anyways, as I said, I'd love to be involved if this is still going ahead.

(as for my late arrival to the boards, I merely didn't want to read anything to give the final series away, and being in England, the final series has only just aired!)

Re: Settling on a date

Okay, latest update.

I received an email this morning from Jason, asking me to call him. I mention this because I had not yet initiated what was to be the last of my requests to him for a firm thumbs up or down. This round of communication started from his end, which does at least support what he later told me by phone (that he's "not forgotten about us.")

With respect to January 19th, he still doesn't have an answer and is aware that the time is essentially upon us (or behind us, IMO) when one should be given. He indicated that Chase has been uncharacteristically non-committal on any number of things recently, which he (Jason) attributes to a great deal of flux in Chase's current living situation (e.g., flying back and forth to Europe; in the midst of renovating a NY apartment which will represent his first permanent address in the city; personal belongings going into and out of storage, etc.)

I explained that my personal enthusiasm for this event has waned considerably since I first brought it up to him and that I am pursuing it now more out of a sense of obligation to those who signed on for it over a year ago (and some of whom were trying to work adjunct NYC trips/vacations around it). I gently let it be known that I'm not up for continual delays or time shifts and that I need a firm answer, one way or another, and a firm date (not necessarily January 19th) to allow me adequate time to prepare other "curriculum" for the gathering. I told him that while few if any members would be willing to make a long trek at this point for just a member gathering and that a dinner with David is the essential magnet for any convention, I also want to ensure that the group has other activities and events to enjoy, some of which will require a LOT of advance preparation and no small amount of financial investment on my part.

He seemed sympathetic and indicated that he would "keep bothering David" for an answer and/or a firm date and would let me know shortly what that answer is.

Will of course update when I hear from him.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Settling on a date

Hi there Fly- just wanted to check in and see about contributing to any fund for the costs of all this preparation that certainly must be adding up-- whichever way it goes. i realize it must be difficult to go forward with this under the circumstances, but hopefully it will come together without too much more trouble. i am sure that many of us will be glad to contribute and help coordinate the event as well. Sorry if this thing is becoming a burden. I hope you realize that your efforts really are appreciated.

If Chase is a no-show for whatever reason, maybe it would be best to host the gathering in NJ, where we could just hook up with one of the existing Sopranos Tours, and perhaps they would give us a group discount, etc., and extracurricular-type activities related to the show would be easier to set up. We could basically just pick a centrally-located decent hotel, book a restaurant conference room for a weekend dinner, and arrange transportation/tourbus, etc. for on location viewing, for example, the Patterson Falls, Satriales, etc., and maybe wrap it up with lunch or dinner at Holsten's! i think everyone would just love it!

Re: Settling on a date

badabellisima wrote:Hi there Fly- just wanted to check in and see about contributing to any fund for the costs of all this preparation that certainly must be adding up--
Thanks for asking about that, badaB. There is absolutely nothing I need to be reimbursed for at present, as my only expenditures are phone calls, which will be my responsibility alone for the duration.

When I mentioned that there were other things I wanted to prepare for enjoyment of all at the event that would cost me some money, I was particularly referring to a "surprise" which I'd rather not reveal in case it does happen (although I shared this info with DH and jouster months ago). That one is also completely on me as it has not been in anyway solicited or requested by the group and is just my idea to help give extra "value" to the gathering. What I will spend in money on it will pale to what I will spend (and have already spent) in time, so it's not that money is even the main investment for me. Besides which, if it comes off as hoped, I will be offering tokens of it for sale to attendees and to other forum members to help recoup some of the costs of production.

I had originally planned to present a couple of "gifts"/awards to Chase at the dinner. For those, I would be most happy to receive contributions.

I thought one gift could be a custom built "Sopranos Edition Monopoly Set". Details here:

I had also originally planned to present the "first and last ever Chase Lounge Golden Pen Award", introduced with a (hopefully) humorous speech and capped off with presentation of a real pen laced or plated in gold and specially engraved. I imagine such an item, if I can even find it, will run at least 200-300$.

In addition, we will need a quality video projector. I'm thinking one MIGHT be available with certain hotel conference room rentals. If not it would have to be procured separately. I'm considering even buying one myself since I occasionally have need for one anyway. In that event, I will charge the group a reasonable rental fee for the projector for that weekend.

So to summarize, the group would have to share the cost equally on the rental of whatever convention or other facility we use for the dinner and other group activities; on the cost of Chase's dinner (and his wife's and Jason's too, if either or both attend); on the rental of a projector and any other equipment (P.A., etc.) or service utilized for the event; and on the cost of the gifts/awards presented to Chase, although I'm making this last one optional since I don't expect that everyone will necessarily agree on what to present or think it a worthwhile investment. The other stuff I will take care of.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Settling on a date

Hey Fly,

After a few clashes with your aunt (JaniceZany) and her telling us about your "perfect pitch", I would think an excellent gift would be some kind of music that you create.

I'm not sure whether this would best be some song expressing your opinions or feelings about DC or about the series, or whether it might be some kind of takeoff on the Sopranos theme song.

In any event, that is the extent of my ability to contribute any ideas. I would just like to hear some musical creation from you after having heard about your talents from your aunt.

Re: Settling on a date

Splish, I vaguely recall that you and she had some private communications after you wrote that post that I took offense to after MIA had just aired. I never talked to her about what was said and don't think I want to know. :icon_biggrin: She never misses an opportunity to hype me -- her biggest personal flaw and one I'm constantly trying to get her to correct. But I certainly don't recall her mentioning anything about perfect pitch on the forum. My apologies on her behalf for the blatant braggadocio.

As a matter of fact, something musical is involved with the "secret" project, and most of it has already been completed. Still a lot of other stuff to do, though.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

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