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I did now that you mentioned it. I am notoriously bad about looking at my home email. :icon_rolleyes: But I like it. Let me give it a once over and I'll give you some feedback. Though I would say two things off the bat just reading the first few bits - Tony would wear something far more snazzy upon meeting this other. :icon_wink: And the third item on his ordering list is Indian food in what I assume is an Italian restaurant. Just a note, of course. I'll give it a far more specific read through tomorrow, however. Very intresting idea, to be sure. Too bad I am not available for your shoot (nor do I look like either one) to use my actor training. :icon_sad: :icon_wink:
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Re: Update on Chase's availability

also, have you all decided on a specific location yet?

i wonder if, through your HBO contact, chase might have a suggestion?

like some great old restaurant on bloomfield ave. or a place with great significance to the show (whether as an actual film shooting site or source of inspiration)

Re: Update on Chase's availability

EM, thanks for stopping in, and glad the change in date is okay with you.

From what he told me, Jason has not yet discussed specifics about what format/location Chase would prefer. Since our group is small, I would prefer to do something in a private banquet room of a restaurant, either one of Chase's choosing or one with some significance to the show . . . or both.:-) I will try to nail down the date, rough format, and get a FIRM commitment for his participation early next week. Then I will work on the specifics of the location.

EM, do you mind me asking where you're from?
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Re: Update on Chase's availability

hello. I currently live in washington, dc. i previously spent 4 years in nyc and 3 in nj (work and personal life take me to ny at least once every couple months)

if you need any help scouting out places or dealing with anything in person in nj, just let me know (though i realize many potential participants probably live there, but i love any excuse for a road trip!

Re: Update on Chase's availability

Okay, here's the latest.

I spoke with Jason almost two weeks ago about David's availability for the 19th of May. At the time, he said he would wait for the right moment to ask because he (Chase) was "frazzled", what with directing the last episode on top of everything else.

We spoke again today, and he said that David would like to do something with us but just will not be available in the time frame we're looking at. His plans are to finish shooting the last show in early April, fly to LA, take a month to finish editing all the shows there, and then go to France for a while. So he will not be in the area after early April.

Jason said not to take this as a "blow off" in any way, that David is definitely interested in meeting with us and would be willing to do so upon his return to the states, which I gather will be mid-late summer. The exact date is something we would have to work out later. Jason will remain in the office there until at least early June, so we will speak again about this before that time.

So that's the scoop. The question is, what do you guys want to do?

Obviously there are 2 big advantages to waiting: getting time with "the man" himself and doing so after we've seen the entire series, finale and all.

Possible disadvantages include the fact that the gathering will likely be several weeks or months after the last show. Will there still be enthusiasm when we know there's nothing else coming, the work is a fait accompli? Or will this offer something to help fill the void in the post-Sopranos era?
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"
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