Update on Chase's availability

I spoke with my contact in Chase's office today (who, BTW, indicated he has no objection to me identifying him by name in this private forum. He is Jason Minter).

He reiterated that David felt he will probably be out of the country by June and so will likely be unavailable for any get together on the weekend the finale airs (June 9-10). This is not set in stone, I presume because editing, which Chase supervises, might possibly go up to the last minute, so to speak. (In the past, Chase has actually edited via a satellite connection from France, but Jason said they would not be doing that this year.) So there is an outside chance he might still be in the states, but, more than likely, he will be gone.

I probed a little on this issue, really trying to subtly ascertain whether David could be cajoled into hanging around until the finale even if he finishes work a couple weeks earlier. Jason only confirmed that David apparently really looks forward to -- and needs -- the complete rest he gets when he goes back to France after the grueling schedule he keeps during the production season. The workload is going to be even worse this year because Chase, as reported, is directing the last episode.

BTW, have to interject here . . . they just started shooting the finale yesterday and had to cancel today's shooting schedule because an actor was sick. I could actually hear voices in the background that apparently belonged to Chase and DP Alik Sakharov as they were going over a shot list 20 feet from Jason in the same room. I'm ashamed to admit that I got kinda tingly at that thought.:icon_mrgreen:

Anyway, they are scheduled to continue shooting into April, meaning that David will be keeping especially long hours for the next month and beyond. I imagine Chase will find little time for editing the other shows until after that time. (When asked earlier today if he was going to edit this weekend, Chase replied, "No!".:icon_biggrin:)

Because of all this, Jason asked if we might want to move the gathering to sometime in May when Chase was still available. Obviously we would lose the big, momentum push that the finale weekend offers. We'd also lose the ability to ask questions about pivotal story events that might occur in episodes immediately prior to the finale. But if we want to secure a commitment from Chase to meet with us, moving it to May seems to be the only way.

Jason did indicate that weekends would likely be best for David. So one other thing to keep in mind is that Memorial Day Weekend travel (May 25-28) is bound to be more hectic than other weekends during the month. I would have to cancel a job for Saturday, May 26th, if we did it that weekend, which I can and will do but which is less than ideal for me.

I told Jason I would run it by you folks for input. When this whole idea started in chat, a guest appearance wasn't even on the radar. It was just about gathering to watch the final episode and see the NJ/Sopranos sites of interest. But once Chase's involvement seemed at least a conditional possibility, for me personally, that has been the biggest attraction.

I am certainly willing to abide by the majority opinion on this issue, however. If you guys want to take the chance that he will be around June 9th, we can keep the date as planned. Or we can try to find a date in May that works for everyone.

Please weigh in here with thoughts and opinions.

Re: Update on Chase's availability

Well, I am still available in May depending. It's just a question of asking for time off at work for the most part. I was thinking about a trip to England mid-summer in July), so actually the earlier date works better for me so my vacations weren't back to back. But we would need to find a specific date rather quickly as I have promised to house and dog sit for a friend while he and his wife go to Italy in May (later in the month, I think.)

Obviously Chase being there would be a major attraction and I presume more people would be able and willing to travel were that the case. Waiting until the finale date seems hopeful, but not likely that Chase will show and I imagine many (myself included) would not like to put together vacation time, money and everything else just to find out at the last minute he truly won't be there.

Curious to see what others think. As for me, like I said, I would need to know the May dates pretty soon in order to plan.
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Re: Update on Chase's availability

JD, Eda Maria, you guys want to weigh in here? Would you want to move it to May if it meant a firm commitment from Chase to appear?

DH, I understand your point about the hope game. Obviously if we decided to do it on finale weekend anyway, it would be on the basis of the original idea, to commemorate the end of the show by a group viewing, to have some in-person chat sessions, and to see the NJ sites. If by some chance Chase was available that weekend, it would only be a very nice bonus.

Also, DH it sounds like if we did move it to May, Memorial Day weekend is out for you as that is the last weekend in May. Is that correct? Would you be able to do it the weekend before that (Saturday 19th-Sunday 20th)?

And since the other thread asked who would want to attend IF Chase or some other show principal appeared, it's wise to clarify who wants to gather even if no one from the show appears? Anyone?

Re: Update on Chase's availability

DH, they've probably closed the office by now for the weekend anyway, but if you could find out and let me know for sure sometime this weekend, I will try to call Jason Monday to try to get a firm date and commitment, working around your schedule.
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