Let's name this event . . .

When asked what we should name this convention, I didn't have a clue. A rose by any other name, right?:icon_mrgreen:

This is just pure speculation on my part, but I think the reason this was asked was because having some title to put with it might make it sound more "official", well-organized, and important to those in and around the show who might hear about it. In that sense, a good name could be helpful in attracting other guests or cooperation from HBO on matters like viewing licenses, so I do want us to come up with a strong name for the gathering.

Obviously when I named the forum, I was making a play on "chaise" lounge and the name of the Sopranos creator, particularly because the shrink's couch in Melfi's office is much like a chaise lounge. That fit well with one noun meaning of "lounge" as a place to relax or recline.

In another common meaning, obviously, a "lounge" is a place to drink (alcohol). So . . . first thoughts in trying to integrate an event name with the forum name (colored text are alternative words):
  • A Final Toast in/from The Chase Lounge
  • The Chase Lounge: Last/Final Call
  • One Last Round in The Chase Lounge
. . . you get the idea.

Feel free to extend the metaphor however you wish. I wanted to try this direction first just so we could keep the name of the forum relevant to/incoporated in the event title. If no one really likes what comes from this direction, we can always change course to something totally different.

In the other thread, Detective Hunt offered the following:
As for a name, I fear my marketing skills are never at their best. Something to do with being "made" perhaps? Or "the inner thought" behind The Sopranos? The later is really more in our line of thought as we have given over so much time to trying to determine what makes it so. Perhaps, "Melfi's Circle"...or better yet, The Chase Lounge in Melfi's Office...something like that. I'll keep giving it some thought.

Please weigh in with your own ideas or with just a thumbs up or down on anything already proposed. When it seems we are getting close to some strong candidates, I'll add them as poll choices.

Re: Let's name this event . . .

Those are all good ideas, Fly. And though I see where you are going with the lounge aspect, they surely suggest drinks at a bar where we might try to play into the psychiatric angle...

Just a few more ideas, again shooting from the hip -

- One Last Time On The Couch
- One Last Look..."into the psyche" or "from The Chase Lounge" or...
- David Chase on the Couch, From the Chase Lounge... (certainly dependant on getting him to show, as are the following...)
- On The Chase Lounge with Chase...One Last Round
- Chase on the Chase Lounge...The Last Session

Still thinking on it, to be sure.
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Re: Let's name this event . . .

I'm definitely open to the angle you favor, DH. You have some good suggestions there. But I'm still not swept off my feet with anything yet, obviously including what I already suggested.

I was asking my aunt for her input, and she suggested the following:
  • Lounging with Chase (contingent on his appearance, obviously)
  • Sopranos' Last Aria
I did come up with a few new ideas based on episode titles. I'd still like to work "Chase Lounge" into the mix, but it will be a challenge to keep things pithy with it included. You can consider the options below with or without it. Here they are, in rough order of my preference:
  • The Chase Lounge Presents: Proshai, Sopranos
  • The Chase Lounge Celebrates 86 Long (This is conditional on there being 9, not 8, episodes in the final season, which will bring the series total to 86)
  • The Chase Lounge Bids the Sopranos "Toodle Fucking Oo"
11/15/06 - Editing this in recognition that the "Proshai" thing was a toast to begin with:
  • Proshai, Sopranos: A final toast from The Chase Lounge

Re: Some POSSIBLE good news re guests . . .

Hi again. Meant to post earlier but got busy and distracted. I've been thinking about this possibility for a 'name' for the gathering. I haven't come up with any solution, but thought some kind of ironic play with an episode title from any of the six seasons might be a good starting point. I also really like Fly's choice of names for the forum - Chase Lounge - and thought that doing something with the name 'Chase' would be effective. Chasing the story...Chasing The Legend of The Sopranos....Chase's Telltale Moozadell, Mergers & Acquisitions with The Chase Lounge, etc...

Re: Some POSSIBLE good news re guests . . .

Madonna, I moved your post to the thread dealing with the event title.

Your suggestion of making a play on an episode title is one that I had purused in the suggestions I made upthread. Having not heard anything I like better, I'm inclined to go with Proshai, Sopranos: A Final Toast from The Chase Lounge. Now that we know there will be 9 final episodes, second choice would be 86 Long: Celebrating the Sopranos.

If we had more than a handful of people peeking in here, I would go ahead and post a poll with these (and perhaps other) nominees. Alas, there just doesn't seem to be much interest.

Re: Let's name this event . . .

Hi Fly,

So sorry I completely missed reading your earlier thread. I've been a bit out of the loop for too long now. (At least I'm still thinking along the same lines ....) I like your suggestions. My one and only criticism is that the first one seems a bit lengthy, where as the second rolls off the tongue a bit easier. Short and sweet may work better for a title which is meant to capture the tone of a fan convention so to speak.

Only a minor point though, cause I really like the idea as it includes the name of the forum which is important.
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