Re: The prospects of getting a few special convention guests

Thanks for those suggestions, Bing. I take it you are familiar with this campus?

I was primarily thinking along the lines of a large hotel convention room at the hotel that I would be booking for out-of-town attendees. This was my preference for the following reasons:

(1) convenience for the out-of-towners staying at the hotel; minimizing their need to hassle with transportation and navigation in foreign surroundings;

(2) these facilities are a staple at most big hotels and could likely be reserved at discount for a block of time to accommodate the other activities that might comprise the weekend (trivia games, HD projection screen viewing parties, etc.);

(3) there would be a commercial kitchen and wait staff on premises, meaning that we could feature tabled/restaraunt style seating with a catered banquet dinner before and drinks, dessert etc., while the affair is underway.

My thought is that this pow wow with the show reps would take place on a Saturday evening with the same facility being used the next night for the mass viewing of the finale.

All this said, I'm certainly open to other ideas, including the one you mention. Anyone else want to weigh in on whether a single location -- hotel -- should be the center of the activities or whether we should seek a more traditional theatre/performance/lecture hall for the event with show personnel?

Re: The prospects of getting a few special convention guests

FOMW: Something for you to check into. My take is that since travel will be involved, a facility in close proximity to Newark Airport would be desirable.

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