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Splishak wrote:FYI, I have seen several movies in which JVP appeared and I couldn't believe what a fox she was in her younger years.

Anyone who is interested can find a list of all her films at IMDB.COM.

Good to see your name on a recent post here. You sent me a private message dated 9/13 that I didn't see (for some reason) and reply to until 10/3. I hope you got that reply and that the forum isn't hiding or randomly losing PMs. So if you check back in this thread, please let me know if you got my reply.:wink:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: A Flashback to Chase and Rockford

Hi Fly,

So lovely to hear from you.

Sad to say, I did not get your reply.

The contents of my PM was that O.E. was trying to get in touch with you.

This was around the time that JG passed and I think she wanted to discuss the possiblility of arranging some kind of tribute or get together.

I'm certain there is no harm in posting this info here. I will send you a PM explaining how you can get in touch with O.E. and/or myself quickly.

My very best regards to you, Fly.

Allow me to close by saying that you will always be a true star of the Internet for the wonderful job you did in creating and running this board.

It always amazed me how you were able to manage things so well when most every other board always seemed to have to battle with idiots who just wanted to make trouble.

You are truly a star.

Re: A Flashback to Chase and Rockford

Hi Splishak,

I knew about the O.E. thing because I did get your first PM, although I'm not sure why it took me so long to notice that there was something new in my inbox. I generally look in the upper right corner every few visits, or so I though, but maybe I was just neglectful and didn't see the notification for several weeks. In any case, it looks like I'm getting your PMs but you are not getting mine. I will answer your last PM just to make sure, so check your inbox and let me know. I hope I don't have to upgrade or change the forum software, but I have a feeling that's going to be necessary, especially with all the failed page loads that have been happening in recent months, which my hosting service hasn't been able to explain.

Thank you for your wonderful compliments about the forum, though I take little credit for the quality of the experience here. I tried to do my part and unfortunately had to ban a few people over the course of the forum's existence. But the bottom line is that the show itself attracted a diverse group of people, a good portion of whom were/are very intelligent and emotionally mature folks who wanted a mutually respectful environment in which to post and brought that sensibility with them here. I think possibly because the conversations and analyses here tended to be "deeper" than at other Sopranos forums, there was a natural selection of a type going on, and if you weren't really a viewer of that stripe, you probably didn't hang around or even register here in the first place. So I credit the show and the wonderful people who came here with making this such a terrific forum, but your generous comments are much appreciated anyway.:icon_smile:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"
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