I met David Chase today.

I went to the Bloomfield shoot at Holsten's, getting some good pictures and glimpsing the actors that showed up. Across the street, me and a friend waited outside what we found out was Chase's trailer. A woman asked us to move down the street further, but when she heard that we were there for Chase, and not the actors, because he created those characters, she was impressed and let us stay where we were (later, she told us that when she told him that, he lit up). When he emerged, I shouted, "David! "Join the Club"! "The Test Dream"! Best episodes!" He thanked me and went to the restaurant.
About fifteen minutes later, he came by and introduced himself to my friend and I, and inquired about our interest in dream episodes. He referenced David Lynch, and wished us good luck.
Later that night, we squeezed in a question: "Any ideas for music for the final episode? The Kinks, maybe?" He replied that he wasn't thinking about that right now.
Anyway, got a picture with him, and went back to school. It was worth the 3+ hour drive from Ithaca, NY.

Re: I met David Chase today.

That's great, JD! I especially like that you singled out Test Dream and Join the Club. For obvious reasons, that had to get his attention.

I find it amusing that when it was presumed you were there for actors, you were asked to move and that your status immediately escalated when you revealed you were there to see Chase. You went from potential stalker to cerebral student of the series in a heartbeat.:icon_biggrin:

Would love to see the pic.

And now that you've actually met him, if we do the gathering later in the year (see my latest post in the Proshai, Sopranos forum), you can do the introductions!
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"
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