Kolchak - The Night Stalker

I recently watched that old episode of Kolchak about the werewolf on the cruise liner, and was surprised to see it bore David Chase's name. To be honest (and knowing the great man's opinions on mainstream TV I'm sure he'd agree) it was pretty rubbish but I drunkenly persevered on the off chance there may have been a hint of some of the hallmarks of Chase's distinctive style.
But there wasn't. Never mind.

Re: Kolchak - The Night Stalker

I tried to start a new thead concerning Kolchak - The Night Stalker. Unfortunately, I did not see Tennessee Moltasanti's thread before I did that.

But for anyone interested, the following is what I tried to post:

I just learned that David Chase wrote several episodes for this TV series and was credited as the story consultant for most others.

This series ran 20 episodes in 1975. I watched several of those episodes yesterday and was surprised that I found them to be far more entertaining than I did when I first watched them in 1975.

They are actually high comedy and I would recommend to all of you that you may enjoy watching them again.

Sadly, both Darren McGavin and Simon Oakland have both died. Oakland lived a very short life. But there is no explanation why he died so young.

I hope some of you might try to view some of those episodes. I'm quite sure you will enjoy them.

For those of you who are interested, Chase worked on The Rockford Files from about 1972 to 1975 and then worked on The Night Stalker show after that.

*** ETA: Oops! My mistake. The Rockford Files rand from 1974-1980 (according to IMDB) and all 20 episodes of Kolchak were produced in 1975.
I don't know how David Chase ever found time to work on both shows in 1975.
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