The movie Casablanca is an important theme for this season. The "theme" song of the movie "As Time Goes By" plays over the closing credits of "Cold Stones" while portions of the movie are watched in the Sopranos house on Christmas Eve. We are even treated to AJ's new girlfriend "Blanca" who finds herself the only minority character in the Sopranos house full of white people, truly making it a "casa blanca".

I can't help but think that there are many major plot points to be developed that will echo the main theme of the movie Casablanca (and some we may have already seen). At its core, the movie focuses on a place (Casablanca) where people desperate to escape horrible circumstances gather to await the chance to leave for the freedom and safety of America. Was the gathering in the Sopranos house on Christmas Eve the gathering of desperate people holding out hope of escape from their own horrible circumstances?

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Re: Casablanca

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Was the gathering in the Sopranos house on Christmas Eve the gathering of desperate people holding out hope of escape from their own horrible circumstances?<hr></blockquote>

I noted that Mr. Rick said "Lay off politics or get out!" when he was addressing the Frenchmen at his cafe. Seemed to me that this was an overriding theme that night, as everyone put all worldly and materialistic things aside for the moment.


Re: Casablanca

I've experienced only one run-through of this episode, and that was at 1:00 am last night, while extremely travel-weary, mind you. But, I felt that there was the allusion to the concept of "humans as commodities" within the intrigues of Casablanca, as well as within Tony's know: power, corruption, loyalties, mixed loyalties, betrayals, seduction, illusion. People as commodities, easily expendable.


Re: Casablanca

Awesome thought billymac. I see what you mean.

I have been very critical of 6.12 But after watching it again, that final scene is scary as hell.

It was almost as though Chase is saying "here they are, take a good look"


Re: Casablanca

Another Casablanca reference was in Season 1. Carmella is talking to father Intantolla the morning after he slept over, and she says something along the lines of "You know in Casablanca, when he says "of all the lousy gin joints in the world"...well of all the fanuc priests in the world, why do I have to get the only straight one?"

Interestingly, after reading Billymac's exellent post, it triggered this from my memory. Perhaps Chase has been planning this Casablanca theme from the very beginning?

EDIT UPDATE - After re-watching Vito's brutal hit, in the last scene when the photogropher recognizes him the music playing is from the Casablanca Soundtrack...As Time Goes By. More clues?

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Re: Casablanca

Casa Blanca translates to "White House."

Maybe Chase will get the fact that a bird
in the hand is worth two in the Bush.

Katrina, Muslim terrorists in the Bada-Bing enjoying
alcohol and nude pole dancers and wanting to buy
automatic weapons from Chris.... Maybe Chase plans
a 9-11 level blast in the last 8 episodes?

Just musing on the possibilities Chase has set up,
whether he has the guts or not to follow through
and make "The Sopranos" a lesson we'll never

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