Re: "Finn" References

Really mind-boggling coincidences with the Collin and Kevin Finnerty father/son connection to Tony's Coma/Unconscious Finn identity.

Here's more to parse... (re: Vito)

Coll-in Finnerty was prosecuted last year for:

"assaulting a man. He and two of his teammates from high school lacrosse were
arrested on Nov. 5 in Washington. At 2:30 a.m. that day, Jeffrey O. Bloxgom told
the police that the men had ''punched him in the face and body, because he told
them to stop calling him gay and other derogatory names,'' according to records
at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia."

However, even though the other guy arrested is from Essex Fells, NJ, it's highly unlikely that the strippers in the Duke Lacrosse case ever worked at the Bada-Bing. What a riot!


Re: "Finn" References

What's even weirder is another 'Fin(n)" reference...

In Italian:
Homosexual = finocchio, culo, checca

or as slanged in The Sopranos, "Finook."

Looks like Tony's therapy sessions with Dr. Melfi
are having a reveal-all, trickling-down effect on
his entire circle of The Family, whether blood-related
or not. Raising consciousness is always risky business.

I have the creepy feeling that Finn will be whacked
instead of Vito, who's lost in some fugue state, similar
in mood to Tony's coma experience, of an ideal gay
life with "a good eye" in the N.H. antique store, picking
out a Baneda Arts and Crafts pot, the most expensive
item in the store.

It wouldn't be the first time that Tony has one of
Meadow's boyfriends killed.


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