The Eagles : "Welcome to the Hotel California"

An interesting point has been made over at Sopranoland forums on the similarity of the charachter at the focus of the song being stuck in a hotel room in California and like Tony in the episode saw:

"in the distance I saw a shimmering light", - THE BEACON


"this could be heaven or this could be hell", - THUS, PURGATORY, THE 'GO-BETWEEN'

and even

"you can check in any time you like but you can never leave". - HOTEL ROOM / NOT SURVIVING

Pure coincidence (probably...but interesting)

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Re: The Eagles : "Welcome to the Hotel California"

In the 'Dream Sequence Thread', Moth78 said:

"Tony is in purgatory. Whether he's dreaming it or really psychophysically `there'... he's in Purgatory. For Tony Soprano, purgatory as a place now exists.

I'm slowly changing my line of thinking about this episode... it may well be impossible for Tony to come out of this experience unchanged."


Moth78 (great to see you here BTW!)

The last line I quoted of the 'Hotel California' song seems indeed fitting in the context of the point you make about feeling it may be impossible for Tony to come out of this exprience unchanged, i,e: he will have to change and cant go back to the 'old' Tony

(Im actually confusing myself a little here...perhaps ive drank too much Coca-cola today!)


re: eagles

Giuseppe- Thanks... when that guy posted that junior shot tony, I just about gave up altogether. <img src= ALT=":)">

Great catch about Hotel California, whoever is responsible for that. It's so obviously similar... and I feel like an idiot for not catching it.

Like the potential Die Hard reference, and the Annete Bening thing from Test Dream, it's not hard to see how Hotel California could be influencing Tony's dream... literalizing lyrics to songs / poems is not unheard of in dreams. But then it gets a little rockier if we are assuming that Tony is ACTUALLY in Purgatory...


Re: re: eagles

I think that there are certain Sopranos episodes that are influenced by classic rock songs, songs that don't even appear on the show's soundtrack. These episodes include references to the songs lyrics again and again, even quoting some of the lyrics. The epsiode that a character says "I'm a man of wealth and taste" seemed to have a lot of other references to "Sympathy for the Devil," and the one from last season where Chris quotes Springsteen seemed to have a lot of other references to "Born to Run."

I haven't seen either episode in a long time, so I can't think of the specific references, sorry. But this episode sure seems to refer to "Hotel California" a lot.

"Congratulations to everyone connected to the Boston Red Sox. A great day in Boston. A great day in baseball. A great day in sports and a great day in American history."


Re: re: eagles

I noticed that too. The Symapthy for The Devil references were from the episode that Ralphie's son got shot with the arrow. Ralphie says- please allow me to introduce myself-, while he is in the hospital waiting room. When he was talking with Father Phil, Father Phil says- were you there when JesusChrist had his moment of doubt and pain-... There may others...

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