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So right. I'm new to this specific forum but I have been skulking around reading the posts here from quite a while back. I've watched every single episode starting from the first season and you are so right StuGot when you suggest that the characters are almost like family to us! It doesn't make us snap cases for God sakes! I don't care what anyone says, you can't watch 70+ episodes of a show as wonderfully written and casted as the Sopranos and not get hooked. It's impossible not to connect on some level with one or more of these great characters. If Carm goes I'll cry just like I did during the pool scene and the same at the end of last weeks 'The Test Dream' when that damn 'Three Times a Lady' song began to play...sigh...and I consider myself a tough nut to crack, not prone to tears at all. Hell, my Husband's chin was even quivering. I'm not ready I tell you! I will hold on to the hope that Carmella Soprano will stay with us throughout the rest of this season and on through 6. I believe that although Tony and Carm are still separated, their hearts truly do belong to one another and that they need each other desperately. I personally think that the loss of Carmella would be the thing that would tear Tony completely apart and he would finally plunge over the edge, giving himself freely to the demons that have been fighting for his soul since the beginning. We can't have that...can we?


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Big D Boss

I had to come back just to say thanks for your kind words. I agree with you totally--David Chase is talented, but he's no genius. I also agree that most of the stuff discussed is blown way out of proportion. But, it's fun to speculate. If people who want to really delve into the meanings of the episodes, they should stop trying to guess what each nuance means. Work like a therapist--no single fact or set of esoteric facts mean that much. Look for patterns of behaviors--"patterns" being the operative word.

I said in an earlier post, that the previous episodes along with this infamous "Test Dream" episode provide a picture of a man losing his control over all aspects of his life. Just like Michael Corlone began to see the beginning of the end when he asked his mother if a man could lose his family, so to is Tony seeing the end of everything he knows draw to a conclusion.


I know what you mean...

I know what you mean Kim. We all feel close to all these characters. Heck I don't even want to see Paulie get it, and he's got more dirt on him than almost anyone else. We love these guys. But the show is about Tony. This is why you can have open plot threads (the russians, vito is gay .etc) that may or may not get resolved. The show isn't about the Sopranos family. The show is about Tony. Yes, the russians may come back and whack Paulie, but if it doesn't happen while Tony's around, then it doesn't figure into the story that we'll see. The only person who's fate matters is Tony, and we know that Tony is the hero, that he's a good man at heart and that he'll do the right thing in the end. So if Carmela dies, she dies because that is her fate and her role in Tony's story.

I think Edie Falco has been one of the best parts of the Sopranos. There's a reason that Edie has four emmys, one for each year that Jim Gandolfini has one. They play off each other really well. She's a great actress, and I hope that David Chase comes up with one or two good dream sequences next year for her, if she dies that is

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Re: More dream stuff (Tony B & daughter)

(Referring to the finger-shooting being Tony's childhood memory of them play-acting.)
And what is significant about the play acting? IMO it's that you don't ACTUALLY kill someone, you just pretend. My point is that Phil MAY be just "pretending" that Tony B killed his brother because they want to nail him on Peeps.<hr></blockquote>
To me that supposes that Tony is having a prophetic dream, and I don't believe that. I think his dream reflects HIS thoughts and feelings, not some psychic insight. While it's understandable that he would dream about Tony B killing Phil because of TB acting all squirrelly that day and because of learning of Angelo's murder, I don't believe his mind would twist that into a faked death.

Somewhere else I had read that the finger shooting was reminiscent of 'Taxi Driver.' The difference there is that Travis, after killing the pimp and others, points his bloody finger at his OWN head and makes the gun sounds: "Pgghew! Pgghew! Pgghew!" just like Tony B does, though I can't remember if TB did it two or three times. So this may be another movie that Tony S's mind is bringing up, perhaps connecting the horrific violence at the end of that movie to the horrible violence he's witnessing with TB shooting Phil -- horrible because TS should/could have prevented it and because it will lead to much worse violence and destruction.


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I bet you none of us will be right. I for one hope to be surprised and not disappointed. I do think Tony B is a gonner; if not the next episode, then the season ender. Also, anyone know if the season finale will be longer than an hour ... say an hour and a half?


Re: I know what you mean...

MadScorpion1963 said:
<blockquote>Quote:<hr>The only person who's fate matters is Tony, and we know that Tony is the hero, that he's a good man at heart and that he'll do the right thing in the end. So if Carmela dies, she dies because that is her fate and her role in Tony's story.<hr></blockquote>
Sad but true...
you're quite right and I know it in my heart MadScorpion...I guess I just don't want to see her go. (what about that horrific scream when they played the preview montage for the final 3 episodes? who's voice was that? was it Carm's? Janice? Adriana? maybe Rosalie? I can't pick it out!)
Edie Falco is an excellent actress and I'm looking forward to following her career in the coming years. Carmella Soprano was meant to be played by her!
Tony is The Man though, truly. I was drawn in at the very beginning by Gandolfini's superior performance of the exquisitely torn character that is Tony and throughout he's been my absolute favorite.


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David Chase

One reason I say you can't question David Chase is quite obvious now. When the Sopranos was on the drawing board, so to speak, Chase had to fight tooth and nail to get Jim Gandolfini for the lead role. HBO wanted a name. Gandolfini was a little known character actor and HBO was going to entrust a multi-milliondollar series to him as the lead? Chase held his ground. He wasn't going to do the series without Gandolfini. And several years later, when Gandolfini's contract was up and he had a nasty contract dispute, Chase said he wouldn't finish the series without him. HBO had to cut a deal with Gandolfini because Chase was refusing to do the last two seasons otherwise.

In my opinion, a strong lead overcomes almost all script problems. Chase knew that he couldn't go wrong with Jim Gandolfini.


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