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Billy Bass wrote: Waiter in The Test Dream (Who watches Tony and Vin on a TV as the walk into the restroom): ... tDream.jpg
Is it the same guy?

Granted both look similar. It could be the same actor from different angles.

Might be a comment on how waiters are witnesses to the presense of dangerous mobsters but are detached from that reality by simply doing their jobs.

It is like watching these felons on TV where the TV screen is the barrier.

Perhaps the viewers are like those waiters?


Re: The Test Dream ~ Review

DaViE wrote:Yeah I know. But it's definitely not Edie Falco. But I know that the lookalike is there to symbolize Carm. ;)
I never noticed that. I thought sure it was Falco, never even occurred to me that it was a look-alike. Must keep an eye out for this next time I watch the ep.:icon_exclaim:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: The Test Dream ~ Review

I like how, even five years later, Tony still hates Mikey Palmice enough that he's the only person in the car he directly responds to (besides his father) and it's with "You know douchebag, I realize I'm dreaming". Mikey's response is pretty funny, too. "I got no opinion, one way or the other." Which is ironic, considering Mikey never shut the fuck up when he was alive. Take a look at "Pax Soprana" where he goes on and on about the kid that committed suicide and how his head bounced off the rocks for hours right in front of the kid's grandfather.
What violin?!

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