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What If Tony Didn't Suffer From Panic Attacks?

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:14 pm
by nik666uk
Tony curses his 'putrid Soprano gene' like it's the bane of his life and tries throughout the show to get rid of the panic attacks that ruin his life but without them he wouldn't have achieved the wealth and success that he did!

When he had planned to hijack a truck with Tony Blundetto but didn't go because he had a panic attack, passed out and ended up in the ER, Blundetto got arrested, went to jail and lost everything. If Tony had gone to the job he too would've been arrested and jailed which would've put a stop to him getting made and progressing up the ladder to boss. He would've ended up doing a long time in jail and got out a nobody, an associate.

So when you think about it he has got a lot to thank his panic attacks for, or maybe not, he could've got out, gone straight and sold patio furniture on route 22 and lived HAPPILY ever after! WHO KNOWS?

Re: What If Tony Didn't Suffer From Panic Attacks?

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 6:11 pm
by Billyv
If Tony didn't suffer from panic attacks...
& didn't stifle his progression to boss
& didn't go to Melfi for treatment
Which didn't result in Livia & Junior plotting against him
... We may have been watching a show about someone else