The End Of The Cleaver Movie

At the end of the movie Cleaver, after/during the boss gets his head split open the camera pans to the car in the garage and a close up of the "horned man", the Italian amulet is seen.
I always wondered what the purpose of that last seen was. Was it nod to the Italian ancestry of the films characters or LCN?

Hmmm, the boss gets whacked and then we see the "corni".

It then occurred to me that the one character who uses the "corni" in almost every episode is Paulie. In fact Tony Sirico uses it in real life, it's kind of his trademark along with his silver wings.

Could this be just a coincidence or is this possibly symbolic that Paulie is involved in Tony's hit?

Apologies if this has been bought up before. I couldn't find it in a forum search.

Please watch the scene again.

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