Anyone know what teeth mean in context of the series? I know that we see teeth at least three times:

1. S01E12 - Isabella is a dentist.
2. S05E11 - Tony's teeth are falling out in the dream when he's going to dinner with Fin's "parents".
3. S06E19 - Tony bashes Coco's teeth in and we see one gets stuck in the cuff of his pants in the therapy session.

I remember someone telling me that teeth can represent death. A also found elsewhere that christian interpretations suggest that teeth represent you putting your faith in what man thinks rather than what god does.

I was just reviewing s01e12 and pondering that - Isabella is a dental student who's interested in tumors of the teeth and gums. I was wondering if it had any significance and then right at the end of the episode I just happened to notice that on the TV in the limo when AJ is going to the dance there's a colegate commercial on. I can't believe that's just coincidence..

Anyone else notice that?
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