Let's talk about poop

no, really. i'm absolutely convinced that shit and bowel functions have a valid symbolic purpose in The Sopranos. from what i've seen, i've gathered that shit is a metaphor for secrets.

Example 1: "Funhouse"
Tony suffers from violent diarrhea. During this sequence he has fever dreams which bring his long dormant suspicions over Pussy to the surface. Tony has been lying to himself about Pussy because they are friends. in Funhouse, Tony's bowels evacuate, and consequently the truth comes out.

Example 2: "He is Risen"
Gigi Cestone suffers from constipation, and dies of a heart attack on the john. Gigi was harboring some guilt and secrets, at this time. notably, he murdered Philly Parisi back in S2, and now has to face Philly's twin brother every day with this secret. it's like being haunted by a ghost. this kind of day-to-day secrecy eventually clogs his system, and with Ralph magnifying his stress, he fails to reconcile it, and blows a gasket.

Example 3: "Irregular Around the Margins"
Adriana La Cerva suffers from irritable bowel syndrome. Adriana is secretly an informant. Meanwhile, specifically in this episode, Adriana gets involved in a scandal, and tries to spread the truth, that she didn't fuck Tony, but lies are more commonly accepted.
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Re: Let's talk about poop

pokahontaz wrote:Vito Jr. also poops it out.... but in front of everyone - in the same sense, would it mean that all secrets are out? (but he doesn't give a shit :D)
I think you're onto something there
Taps, lights out, 2200 hours. What's missing? Give up? Television.
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