Cop shows

After watching the seasons again, I've noticed that in many scenes that include mainly christopher and murders, there seems to be a cop show on the tv in the background, like when chris killed the man he believed killed his father, also when he and tony was waiting to remove ralphies body from his house, I've also noticed it in key scenes with him and ade.

any ideas?

(sorry if this has already been brought up, i'm new here)

Re: Cop shows

Welcome to the board! I think you noticed some good things there and almost answered your own question. I think there are many interpretations of this. Here are some of mine.

1. Chase likes the idea of mobsters watching crime on tv. Crime that they have managed to evade. Kind of like how someone might drink alot before watching the A & E show Intervention. Laughing in the face of danger.

2. Chase enjoys throwing the audience a bit of bait to remind us that danger for the characters is never far off. The characters of Sopranos manage to evade much of the repercussions that other criminals do. This doesn't mean that Chase wants us to forget that. I think this is subtly done. And if it is done with certain characters before a murder happens, it is probably foreshadowing.

3. It could just be something to watch. Ade is watching a court show which gives her the idea to marry Chris so she can't testify. This serves the forward motion of the plot. But in For All Debts...(the episode Chris kills the cop) Magnum PI is playing. Not sure if there is any in depth meaning to that. It might be a bit of a stretch to make any large assumptions about the depth of that.
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