"Little Jimmy Brown"

Ok I'm new here and this has more than likely been mentioned a million times before so forgive me!.

Does anyone else see the relevance of the song "Little Jimmy Brown" to end of the Sopranos, for one it was rare in that it was played in more than one episode, Look at this: (The lyrics/ Holstens) and from tony's point of view..

1st Bell: Carmela enters/ Jimmy Brown was born.
2nd Bell: AJ Enters/ Jimmy Brown gets married
3rd Bell: Meadow / Jimmy Brown dies (tony)

That song talks about bells so often, and its bells what make tony look up and on the final bell we dont see his point of view? like the song he is dead.

any thoughts?

Re: "Little Jimmy Brown"

Hi Vecchia,

Welcome to these message boards. I think you will find that most posters here have exhausted every possible interpretation regarding what happened at Holsten's and the rate of discussion and feedback has declined quite considerably since that episode was broadcast.

Had you been here over a year ago you would have found that the opinions were divided between those viewers who thought the ending was the worst ever because ostensibly nothing happened (hoping that they would have witnessed a climatic bloodbath), those who took comfort that the sudden cut to black meant.... nothing happened, and therefore Tony lived on (for a sequel or movie or at least just in the minds of those fans), and those who believed that from Tony's POV he was shot and the sudden cut to black meant he lost his consciousness and being.

There were a lot of clues during the season (and throughout the series) to strongly suggest the last would be Tony's fate.

The song, "The Three Bells" undoubtedly is another clue in the broad canvas that was Chase's brilliant work.

However I wouldn't expect that at this very late stage you will get many people to engage in a discussion or debate to test your "theory".

On the other hand more than three bells were heard at the restaurant during that seminal scene. But I agree with the main point of your argument, the final bell was Tony's death knell.

So therefore....good catch!!

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