Re: Teeth

Season 1 Episode 12:

Tony's neighbours, the Cusamano's, are on vacation and Tony goes to return some washing that has blown off their line. A lady who is an Italian exchange student is reading a book in their garden and Tony asks "Principles of oral surgery?" (although the book spine actually says "Principles and Practices of Oral Medicine"). She explains that she is an exchange student. It later turns out Isabella was a hallucination.

Re: Teeth

Season 2 Episode 7:

Chris goes to see Jon Favreau in his hotel but instead meets Jon's associate (Amy Safir) in her room. He says he brought a sandwich and asks if she wants it. She declines saying she has just brushed her teeth.

Re: Teeth

Season 1 Episode 4 - Silvio Dante is coming out of a dentist's office as Tony is going in to see Melfi.
Season 1 Episode 7 - Tony takes A.J. to the dentist for a dental hygiene appointment after Tony has paid for 2 years of braces.
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