Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, so if there is a better place, please move it!

I was just thinking about episode 3.1 Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood and wondered what other people thoguht about my train of thought here.

The spelling of Ruggerio is far to similar to Ruggiero (as in Angelo Ruggiero,) for it to be a coincidence.

Obviously Angelo Ruggiero had his house bugged, which lead to the arrest of John Gotti, and this episode deals with the FBI bugging Tony's house.

I do like the nods to the real LCN throughout the Sopranos, such as when John compares the plot to hit Carmine to famous Gotti hit on Castellano.

Anyway, I digress, what sparked my interest in this was that I have just found out that Vincent Pastore played Angelo Ruggiero in the film 'Gotti'.

Could it be that the title is in reference to Big Pussy's recent demise? And that the FBI are now in need of a new source of intelligence because CW-16 is no longer alive?

Or am I reading way too much into a small coincidence?

On a side note, and I know this belongs in the music section, but the music to accompany the beginning of series 3 was fantastic. It was fun, upbeat, and yet said so much about the 'cat and mouse' games going on between Tony and the FBI.

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