Onion Rings

Any significance to the fact they ordered onion rings in an ice cream parlor? Probably not, but here's a bit of info I found on onions:

The Romans felt the concentric circle configuration of the onion represented eternity.

Any significance? I dare you to discuss. :icon_wink:

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No grand theories here, but a couple of observations:

- of course, rings are often symbolic of circularity, repetition, continuance, etc. so the onion rings would fit in with the "life goes on" ending that many people predicted for the finale

- the way they popped the small rings into their mouths was very communion wafer-esque

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Oh, man. I feel so stunato about missing all the hidden meanings and symbolism and shit.

Anyways, maybe the onion rings symbolize assholes. Maybe with everyone eating the onion rings it symbolizes Tony catching colon cancer and it eats out his whole asshole like Chrissy told about happening to his aunt, you know what I'm saying?

I mean, there's bound to be more than one possibility here, no? Maybe I'm just retarded, but this symbolism just passes me by. I'm just sayin'......

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On the Saturday morning Sopranos bus tour of Northern Jersey from Times Square, three weeks ago, we stopped at Holsten's. Whether it's on the menu or not, the management gave each of us a generous bag of onion rings, and many of us posed for a photo in Tony's booth brandishing one of the onion rings - I did.

I don't know Jersey onion rings well enough to have an opinion about whether they are the best in the state, but they seemed competently done, except for one dark brown onion ring that seemed overdone. So, menu or not, if you want Holsten's onion rings, come in around noon on a Saturday, wait for the tour bus, enter with the crowd, and pick up a bag from the table on the left as you enter.

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I've read a lot of speculation that the onion rings symbolized the religious sacrament of communion. Roman Catholics, however, swallow the communion wafer whole, while each of the Sopranos appear to chew.
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