Death in "Funhouse"

In "Funhouse" (season 2, ep 13 - possibly my favourite episode ever), Tony has the dream where he sees himself shoot Paulie after a game of checkers. Does anyone have any theories as what this symbolises? (I haven't seen any episodes in season six, so no spoilers please! Sorry if this topic's been posted before :confused:

Re: Death in "Funhouse"

I've never delved as deeply into the Funhouse dreams as other dreams on the show for some odd reason. But I always assumed that the shooting of Paulie was Tony's subconscious way of acknowledging that he needed to kill one of his oldest, most established guys. He wasn't ready to consciously acknowledge the truth about Pussy because he really loved Pussy more than any of his other people. So the dream was Tony confronting the truth obliquely, acknowledging it while still disguising it. Just my take.

Re: Death in "Funhouse"

I agree with Fly here that it was probably Tony's subconsious telling him that he had to kill one of his guys, but hadn't put it all together yet involving Puss. Then again it may have just been a fantasy of Tony's to "shut up" Paulie, who Tony finds very annoying. Something he has thought about in life that he couldn't do that became a reality in a dream.
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