Continuity, Mistakes and Flaws

I think the show is the greatest of all time, but no one is perfect. If there is another thread (I couldn't find one) please let me know.

To start of the list, I wanted to point something out that I noticed in "House Arrest" in Season 2. I think the episode is great, it probably ranks as one of my favorites for a few reasons (the emotions evoked at the end with Johnny Thunders Can't Put Your Arm Around a Memory playing brings it home).

Anyway, the scene where Tony falls over from a panic attack at the "garbageman's ball" contains a continuity error. When the camera is facing him straight on when he first collapses, the first "extra" turns around and notices as he is down on one knee with his hand on the chair, before he hits the floor pretty much every nearby extra/party goer turns around.

In the next scene, the camera view is from a position that would've been behind Tony (from the window towards the party) and those same extras that turned around to notice him are back to chatting and do not notice Tony (who has completed his fall and is lying face down on the floor) until Janice yells and runs over.

It's a pretty sloppy job at editing and besides the continuity error would have you watching people not noticing a large man falling on his face a few feet away.

The scene is still good and the frantic visions before he falls are classic and somewhat comedic. The awkward large lady "white people" dancing to the start of Boston's More Than a Feeling and the waste management industry conversations add to the sense of futility of him keeping up with his "legit" cover and drives home to mundane emptiness that hangs over everything.

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