did we see kelly, tony b's daughter?

Okay, ive watched the whole series at least 8-10 times now, and this has been bugging me for probably 80% of those watch-throughs:
In the first episode of season 5, tony goes to see melfi and she's having a group session.. a younger goth girl is seen leaving and says that she can't make it next week (when tony b. is supposed to be coming home).. also after very briefly establishing her appearance/style by showing her photograph at some point. I feel like her exiting line wouldn't have been at all necessary otherwise. The only thing I questioned was that tony apparently didn't recognize her.. but he's pretty self absorbed I guess, so I don't think its all that far fetched.
I have not been able to find ANY reference to this possibility anywhere.. I need validation! So much so, that I joined a forum JUST for this.:icon_smile:
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