Bootleg vs Authentic: The Sopranos Complete Series box set

I recently ordered what turned out to be a bootleg copy of the Sopranos Complete Series box set on eBay. It was $64 + free shipping (which should have given it away immediately). Unfortunately, I only did my research on bootlegs *after* ordering. I was disappointed and frustrated enough to immediately go out to Best Buy and purchase an authentic copy for $200. Unfortunately, the outside packaging of the bootleg set is nearly identical to that of the real; the biggest differences are noticable only once the set has been opened. If you are considering buying a set on eBay, you should insist that the seller post pictures of the DVDs themselves, including close-ups of the undersides of the discs, for reasons that I will explain below.

Since I had both the fake and the real sets (before returning the bootleg), I decided to take some comparison pictures and post them here in order to help others avoid making the same mistake I did, and to aid people in identifying bootlegs that they may already have purchased. The following photos illustrate the differences between the two sets; the fake/bootleg copy is on the left or on the bottom in all pictures.

A summary of the major differences:

1) The dead giveaway is that the bootleg DVDs come individually wrapped in thin plastic sleeves. The authentic DVDs do not.

2) The undersides of the bootleg DVDs have the season and disc number spelled out around the holographic center. The authentic DVDs have bar codes and numbers in the same place.

3) The bootleg DVDs are all primarily shades of green or grey, and are different colors than their authentic counterparts, which come in a wider variety of colors (one color per season).

Hope this helps.

Re: Bootleg vs Authentic: The Sopranos Complete Series box s

Thanks for this post, punkrockmuffin. I would never have been able to tell from the pictures you posted that one of these was a bootleg. With the resolution and image quality here, they appear identical, which is pretty amazing. Kudos to you for spotting the forgery and going to the trouble to so thoroughly document the experience and warn others.
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