Important aspects that seem irrelevant

I was thinking earlier about some things that on the surface seemed irrelevant to the story line, but weren't really.

I'm not sure I've worded that correctly, so I'll give an example and it might make more sense.

The biggest one that springs to mind was 'why give Tony cancer?'

For some reason, Chase felt the need to give Tony cancer. It never really impacted th story at all, yet you would have thought that it would do.

It was a bit of a nothing story, one day he just had a plaster on his head, and said he had skin cancer. Nothing was ever really made of it.

I couldn't help thinking about why? If it wasn't important to the story, why give him it?

I suppose it did kind of link in with the bosses all getting cancer, which could be a manifestation of the mafia being a cancer on society, but even so, it really was pretty much over looked.

Jackie, Junior, Johnny Sac, Old Man Baccala, Paulie and Tony all had cancer. Is cancer a huge part of the series?

Anyone think of any other stories or events that seemed important but were never really delved into?

Re: Important aspects that seem irrelevant

I'm not sure if this is the same sort of thing that you're getting at but what the hell. It always struck me as a bit odd the way the whole Patsy Parisi storyline seemed to peter out. I'm referring of course to Tony having his twin brother whacked. Patsy clearly knows what happened, however he came to find out about it. The grapevine I suppose, these guys are worse than a knitting circle. But he's hugely affected by it, naturally, getting drunk and pissing in Tony's pool. The crew seriously consider whacking him as well when his resentment is being felt by all of them. And then....nothing.
Now I have to say I believe Patsy genuinely does put it behind him. "It's just business, nothing personal". Echoes of Hyman Roth in the Godfather,Pt. 2. I also think the scene where he makes it clear to Gloria that it's finished with her and Tony shows he is fully committed to the cause. "And remember, the last face you see will be mine, not Tony's". Of course we can never be sure whether Patsy can forgive and forget but I believe he has.
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