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[quote="Reminds me of the scene in Goodfellas where Joe Pesci kills a guy cuz he couldn't think of any other way to deal with an insult. [/QUOTE"]

Wait which scene are you talking about? The one with a young Michael Imperioli (Christopher) as Spider? When Pesci shoots him after DeNiro is like "Your gonna take that from him?" Talk about great scenes! "Dance for me Spider!"

Anyway, back on topic, here is another great one not funny, but powerful from
Season 5. I believe it is the episode, "Cold Cuts". Christopher is going on a rant to Adriana in their apartment about feeling underappreciated by Tony, in which he stares at the wall and says, F**k you You fat F**king scumbag" and "I could take him out in a second, his kids wouldn't even miss him"
Then he sits down on the couch next to Adriana, and with a defeat-ist look he says, "That's the guy Adriana, my uncle Tony the guy I'm going to hell for"

What a powerful scene! And typical Christopher getting all hot headed and running off at the mouth about something he would never do. Then calming down and realizing his fate.

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Of all the characters in this show, I think Chris is the easiest to understand and to predict. As he has said many times, he is a soldier and he will follow Tony all the way - straight into Hell.

Remember at the Cleaver premier when he told Tony that he had arranged for some cases of vodka to be put in Tony's car? It just reinforced the point that even when Chris' Hollywood star was in ascension, his priority was to give the boss his cut.

IMO, Christopher will never break his LCN ties. First and foremost, he is a soldier and will always be a soldier. His Hollywood adventures may get him killed if he produces something about the LCN. But Chris will never, ever leave the mob for any other career. Christopher is in it for the long haul.

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Hey there Pitbulllv.

Should anyone ever kill Tony, I would think it would more likely be AJ than Chris. And though I surely do not believe either one of them will ever kill Tony, as you well know, only Mr. Chase knows that for sure.

My point is just that Chris is Tony's A-Number One soldier who would probably be the very last person to ever kill Tony - though that is just my opinion, to be sure.

But again, as you well know, when it comes to The Sopranos, anything is possible. After all, we are talking about a product that emenates from the mind of David Chase. So, you just never can tell.

But now, speaking of AJ, I'd just like to add that he has always been my favorite character. I guess that's because I've always considered myself to be in AJ's role as the eldest son (as well as the youngest son). By the way, I do realize that even though AJ is younger than Meadow, he is still the eldest son.

Re: Favorite Quotes from The Sopranos (all seasons)

some good ones, fo' sure.

I like the 16 Czechoslovakians...classic.
I liked Junior's Blind man joke the other day:
What did the blind man say when he walked by the fish store?
"Good mornin' ladies":icon_wink:

and the good/bad Russian quote in my sig is also a favorite of mine.

so many good ones, so hard to recall them.
Chris: "All Russians aren't bad"
Paulie: "What about the Cuban Missile Crisis, when they pointed those rockets at us?"
Chris: "Damn, I saw that movie...I thought it was bullsh*t"

Re: Favorite Quotes from The Sopranos (all seasons)

Here's a good Ralphie Ciffaretto line from Season 3. It was after Mustang Sally beat Vito's brother on the street and everone was visiting in the hospital.

Tony- "I know your upset, but you didn't tell anybody about this, right?"
Vito- "I may be mad, but I ain't stupid I know how to keep my mouth shut"

Ralphie- "Unless there's a tuna sandwich involved"

Even in a tragedy Ralph can't help being a smart ass.

Re: A Favorite Moment from the Cleaver Primier

Not a quote exactly - but a favorite moment - tho I've never seen anyone mention it before.

At the preview for Cleaver, Little Carmine says a few words and drops the most greatest number of malaprops per minute that I've ever seen before. Then Chris says a few words.

Then the Chinese director steps up to the mike and opens a piece of paper that seemed obviously to me to be a speech and reaches for the mike as if he is about to say a few words. Chris reaches out and snatches the mike away, as if he's thinking, "Yeah right, China boy. As if anyone wants to hear what you have to say!

The look on the director's face was a golden moment for me!

Re: Favorite Quotes from The Sopranos (all seasons)

Many hilarious lines over the years!

- Paulie hit a yard worker in the head with a shovel making him let go of a rope, causing another guy in the tree with a chainsaw to fall to the ground.

Feech, who hired the yard crew brings this to Tony.

Paulie, giving his side of the story says, "He jumped out 'da tree and come at me with a chainsaw!"

- Silvio at Vessuvio's, "Where'd he get this bread... the bread museum!"

- Paulie at dinner in back of the pork store, "The average man's sh*t house... piss all over the floor. You go into a lady's bathroom, you could eat maple walnut icecream off of the porcelain."

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