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I love this thread, and will post my favorite quotes/scenes whenever I can to keep it going. I am always watching old episodes and there are so many great quotable lines throughout the history of the series. Here is one I just saw that I love, classic Paulie:

Season 4, episode "Eloise"

After Minn Matrone gets into a car accident with Cookie and Paulie's mom in the car, Paulie comes to the hospital to check on her. The doctor asks Minn when the last time she had her eye sight checked, to which she replied that her eye sight was fine, leading Paulie to this gem of a line:

Paulie- "You shouldn't be behind the wheel at your age"
Minn- "I've been driving since I was a young girl"
Paulie- "Horse and buggies don't count"

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Hey there WITWF,

I'm so glad you decided to post here. I'm going to get some more of Paulie's classsics. He is almost as bad as LC but a little different. One of my favorites was when he said, "A word to the wise .... Remember Pearl Harbor!" A truly world-class dumbass! He was warning Chris about some Korean guy and used an example of a Japanese sneak attack.

I have to post some more of Paulie's dumbass delights.

It is so sad that this thread has gotten so little traffic. I'm sure that other people watch some older episodes some times and might like to post some of their favorite quotes but can't find an appropriate thread and this thread has just been so impoverished. It would be great if we could get a few people to post in here.

I think a real problem is that People just don't find a lot of action in The Kitchen Sink forum, so they tend to avoid posting here. Then, because there are so few people posting here, it's a snowball effect. People don't want to post in here because there is so little action here. And so there becomes even less action here because so few people are posting here.

But, I wonder if you will mind if I ask about your name. Is it a reference to that episode with Junior when he was playing golf with Tony and Artie and someone referred to someone being "in the muff"? While someone else spoke of "Whistling in the Weat Fields"?

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Yes, that is exactly where it comes from. The episode "Boca" in season 1 when Tony finds out through the grapevine from Carmella about Junior's oral skills. I just love that line from Tony about, "the old man's whistling in the wheatfields?" He also had some other good ones later on the golf course with the "Uncle Jun's in the muff, did I say muff I meant rough." Also when Tony was saying he smelt sushi and said, "what are you doing eating sushi Uncle Jun I thought you were a bacala man." Of course when Tony is singing, "South of The Border" as well and Junior's reactions are priceless in trying to act like he doesn't know what Tony is talking about.

One of my top 10 favorite episodes ever.

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Wow! You have a great memory. You nailed every single one of those references in that episode.

I hope you will post some more of your favorite quotes.

I'd also like to ask people what they think about including favorite moments that were brought about by quotes. These aren't exactly funny quotes or malapropisms. But they are something that someone says and as a result, creates a memorable moment. For example:

I was watching an episode from Season 5 tonight where Ade was getting fed up with having to deal with the FBI creeps and she finally just blasts Agent Sanseverino, asking, "How much longer do I have to keep doing this for you FBI people? What do I get out of it?" The agent thinks for a second and then answers something like, "Well, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something good for society and to help your government." Ade doesn't hesitate a second and shoots back, "No. Seriously. What do I get out of it?"

What a powerful moment! You could see that the Agent suddenly realized that Ade believed - just like so many people believe - that the FBI is just full of shit and that Ade thought the agent's entire working life was just bullshit. It was an incredible moment as this realization rolled across the face of the agent - just like a moving neon sign. It was as if she was asking herself, "Could it really be possible that my whole working life has just been a bunch of bullshit and a waste of time?"

I loved that moment. But do you think it could be included in a thread called, "Favorite Quotes"? The quote would be Ade saying, "No. Seriously." That was all it took to make this agent face the possibility that her entire working life had been a waste of time. Falling for an FBI trick that forces her to report on her friends in order to send them away for life imprisonment is really something that is good for society and helps our government? Does that really sound like something that is good for society?

Poor Adriana. My heart just went out to her. If only she knew that she could have gotten the FBI off her back almost instantly with very little trouble - just by finding a lawyer and telling the FBI not to talk to her anymore but to talk to her lawyer.

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Here's one from Tony I always enjoyed:

In the episode where he is talking to Uncle Junior about Carmine having Johnny Sack whacked because of his refusal to let Ralph's Ginny Sack joke go:

Tony- "The f**ked up thing is I don't even like Ralph, if he was drowning I'd throw him a cinderblock."
I always loved that quote. I have used it myself since to describe someone I didn't like. Thanks Tone!

Also from the same scene, Junior has a good one about Carmine, when he says, "That one's a slippery f**k, him with those big fish lips"

Junior always makes me laugh.

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Here's one from Christopher in season 4, in the episode where they have the intervention for him. Before they do he tries to buy drugs in a bad neigborhood and instead of selling to him they rob and beat him up. They grab the gun he has on his ankle and ask what he's gonna do with that to which Christopher replied.

"I'm gonna shove it up your sister's twat"

Also at the intervention when they were airing their grievences with Chrissie, abou how his drug use effected them.

Silvio- "I came in to open up one morning and there you were head in the toilet. Your hair was in the toilet water. Disgusting."

The way he delivered the line, in the Sivio serious voice while reading off the paper was tremendous.

Paulie Hits a Couple More Right out of the Park!

In this forum, when I report an incident describing a favorite quote, I'll try to describe it to the best of my recollection. But I may not remember the exact wording of the quote and hope you will be satisfied with my efforts to report these incidents to the best of my recollection. I hope you will cut me some slack where needed.

Episode 5.01 - "Two Tonys".

One evening, the boys and their goomahs were out and enjoying dinner at one of their favorite fine dining establishments. It must have been a Friday night since that is traditionally the goomah's night out. Once again, I got a tremendous laugh from Paulie. He never fails to amaze and delight me.

Paulie decided this would be the perfect time to pontificate on the fate of the early dinosaurs. One of the goomahs appeared to have recently studied a Scientific American and she reported to her colleagues that it was likely a number of meteors that caused the dinosaurs' extinction. But Professor Gualtieri wasn't having any of that. He clarified the facts for all the attending luminaries by explaining, "they were all meat eaters.

Unfortunately, poor Christopher had spent most of his day as the recepient of Paulie's never-ending wisdom and knowledge (also known as his yammeering). He just could not take another word and unfortunately he just flew off the handle and shouted at Paulie, "Meteors! Meteors! She said they were meteors, you idiot. Not meat eaters."

Episode 5.02 - "The Rat Pack".

Once again, the boys were out and about and Professor Gualtieri was providing the evening's entertainment. He decided to share his tremendous body of knowledge with the local wise men and began to quote a line from his extensive libary of the great Eastern sages. I know that we have never actually seen this alleged library, but it surely must be huge owing to the tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom that Dr. Gualtieri is professed to possess.

I listened to the quote by "Sun Tzu" (pronounced "Sun Zoo") many times but, for some reason, I was never able to hear it correctly. My best recollection is, "According to San Tee Zoo, a good commander is benevolent and unconcerned with failure". If any of you can go back and get the exact quote, I would be grateful if you could post the actual quote from "Sun Tzu".

Unfortunately, Paulie pronounced the name of the famous wise man "Sun Tzu" as "Sunta Zoo" or "San Tee Zoo" - kind of like a Christmas zookeeper. On top of that, he was overcome by some demented need to keep repeating the mangled version over and over again.

Finally, Paulie mangled this name so often, that at one point, Silvio could no longer contain himself and exploded in a rage, shouting at Paulie, "It's "Sun Zoo". "Sun Zoo". Not "San Tee Zoo", you fucking imbecille!

Episode 5.03 - "Where's Johnny".

One of my favorite moments from that episode went something like this:

After an outing in the city, Paulie and his mother walk into a room and in a moment of heart-rendering love and affection for his mother, he tells her, "Have a seat, maw and rest those dogs." Rarely have we seen a son extend himself to such a degree for his mother. What a saint that boy is!

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Ha Ha, yeah that was a great scene with Paulie, "Their all meat eaters", what a dumb ass! I love Christopher's reaction to it as well in correcting him. Which leads Paulie to say, "take it easy"

Here is another one from Paulie in Season 3, episode "University" This was the ep when Ralphie beat the stripper Tracee to death. Prior to that there was a party in the VIP room at the Bing. Vito and Bobby were standing next to each other having a conversation when Paulie walked in and gave us this:

Paulie- "Oh, it's like an add for weight loss, before and WAY before"

What a ball-buster!

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Here's a good Ralphie line, also involving Paulie. There was a sitdown with Tony to settle a dispute between Ralph and Paulie. The guys were sitting around waiting because Ralph was late and Paulie was bitching about getting there first, when Ralph finally showed up:

Paulie- "You're late!"
Ralphie- "Tommorow I can be on time, but you'll be stupld forever"

Can't disagree with that one!

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Oh, it's like an add for weight loss, before and WAY before"

Oh yes! I got a kick out of that. Surprising that Paulie does not ALWAYS play the part of a stooge.

Ralphie- "Tommorow I can be on time, but you'll be stupld forever"

You just know that Paulie is completely defenseless in a battle of wits. He is unarmed and will always be unarmed.

So many of these guys get into verbal quarrels with Paulie and just tear him apart. Paulie gets hot but that just ruins his ability to come back at them. Reminds me of the scene in Goodfellas where Joe Pesci kills a guy cuz he couldn't think of any other way to deal with an insult. Paulie would kill someone before he would stand for a verbal insult.

Any surprise Finn disappeared from Meadow's life? Who in their right mind would want these people for in-laws? Yee-ikes!!!

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