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Some others that came to mind:

in "The Strong Silent Type" when Adriana realizes Christopher has sat on and killed her dog, Cosette:
Christopher: "...I don't know, she must have crawled under there for warmth or something."

Tony: "What am I a toxic person?" I love that line especially because he says it multiple times throughout the episode (Everybody Hurts I believe it is)

Janice: "Well, as you all know I have an extraordinary visual sense..." (Proshai, Livushka, very underrated episode)

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Fin: Vito was blowing the security gaurd
dunno this guys name: catching not pitching?

5 second silence

Fin: Hes not gonna know i told u ?
Paulie: You aint gonna have one problem from vito ... believe me !
Fin: What are you gonna do?
Chrissy: It'll be ok... get him to pay for some therapy....

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Paulie - "You’re not gonna believe this. The guy killed 16 Czechoslovakians. He was an interior decorator."

Christopher - "His house looked like shit."

Hats off to Prof D Boiz.


I just love the malapropisms. But this one just has to be the best of all - the absolute cream of the crop. Stupid Paulie. He just keeps them coming.

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i expected more replies for this thread lol wut happend !!

There seem to be "favorite quotes" threads under each individual episode as well as under each individual season (or maybe it was somewhere else). Anyway, that is such a shame because the topic "favorite quotes" is just one of my favorites and it's a shame that it gets so diluted.

If I had a suggestion to fix this, I surely would. But all we can do is hope Fly will have time to do something about it. I usually watch at least one episode a day and would love to contribute more favorite quotes.

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I have a million of them, here is one.

Season 5, when Tony is yelling at Janice for abandoning him with their mother when they were younger.

To para-phrase Tony:
"You left me alone in that house, mirred in her B.S. while you were off dropping Acid and blowing roadies"

Then Bobby said: "Roadies?!" and Tony said "oh, you don't want to know"

I just love the shock and sadness on Bobby's face and the way he says Roadies. It was always funny to me.

Re: Favourite Quote from Sopranos ?

Episode 51 - Eloise

I watched it for the second or third time a few days ago and then watched it several times since. It is rapidly becoming my most favorite episode of them all. There are so many reasons for that. One of the largest is an unbelievable "tour de force" performance by Edie Falco. The range of emotion she displays concerning Furio - especially when he suddenly leaves the country and returns to Italy - has to be seen to be believed. It is not the usual reason I watch The Sopranos. I tend to like the "guy" stuff and don't usually care for many chick flicks or for many of the emotional chick aspects of The Sopranos, but Edie's talent and her delivery in this episode rivals any of the world's best actors. It's just my opinion, but if you have access to this episode, her performance just has to be seen to be believed.

The episode is no longer than most any other, but it's just jam-packed full of action and emotion that makes it one of the very best of all Soprano episodes. As for favorite quotes, my favorites have always been the malapropisms. And there is no one who delivers more of them than Little Carmine.

The following quotes were all spoken by Little Carmine in the space of about two minutes near the beginning of the episode. The last two are not really malapropisms, but they do carry the Little Carmine stamp of lunacy.

. LC to Carmine (about Tony): "He's an old-fashioned kind of guy - very allegorical". Miriam-Webster gives the meaning of "allegorical" as "having hidden spiritual meaning that transcends the literal sense of a sacred text". Despite that, I'm sorry to say that I just don't feel very confident in my understanding of the word. However, I am quite confident that it has nothing to do with Tony being old-fashioned or anything else related to the way in which LC used the word.

. LC to Johnny: "Pop, with his testatories ..." - who can guess what he meant when he used the word "testatories"? I certainly can't imagine. I've never heard this word before and never heard any word even remotely like it. It's not in the dictionary. Can anyone make a guess?

. LC to Johnny: "a total debacle" - although he used the correct word in the correct context, he pronounced it in a way that I've never heard before or even imagined before. He placed the emphasis on the first syllable instead of the second. My dictionary shows the only correct pronunciation is the one we all use - with the emphasis on the second syllable. I've never heard the word pronounced that way before and it sounded so bizarre, it was almost like being smacked in the head with a two-by-four.

. LC to Johnny: "on reflection, maybe that's the sticking post ..." Well, I've heard of a "sticking point" before, but never a "sticking post". The Free Dictionary defines a "sticking point" as a point, issue, or situation that causes or is likely to cause an impasse. Does anyone have a guess what he might have meant by "sticking post"?

. LC to Johnny (about Tony): "He's a bit of a Pozzeur." I'm not sure whether this is an Italian word or whether LC meant to use the word "poser" with an Italian affect. He followed this statement with the one below. Although it may make some sense to say that a poser likes "to talk the talk", LC used it in a completely inappropriate context. He seemed to want to say that Tony likes to just shoot his mouth off, but that's not really what "to talk the talk" is about.

. LC to Johnny (about their position re HUD): "we got backed up into a corner". I've heard of people painting themselves into a corner - but never heard of anyone getting backed up into a corner. Any guesses on its meaning?

Now, I'd like to discuss just what is going on with Little Carmine. Can there be any sensible explanation for someone who talks the way he does? Are there any real people who do this? For example, how is it possible for anyone to know how to use the word "debacle" yet not know how to pronounce it? I've been trying to imagine just what kind of circumstances someone could endure that would let this happen. I suppose if someone spent their life all alone without ever talking to anyone else or ever hearing anyone speak, they might have learned some words like "debacle" from books but never having heard how to pronounce them, they could easily come to the mistaken conclusion that they were pronounced with the emphasis on the wrong syllable. I can imagine a few other bizarre circumstances that might explain how someone like Little Carmine could reach the age of 35 (I guess) and every time they speak, a stream of malapropisms comes gushing out of their mouth. But I'd sure be interested to hear what any of you might think. Can anyone offer any kind of explanation as to how someone like Little Carmine comes into being?

Finally, I'd like to discuss the story that LC tells Tony about the king of France, Louis XVI and his Finance Minister, Turgot. Tony was speaking about Johnny Sac and mentioned that Johnny liked to live beyond his means a little. LC countered with this story about Louis XVI (who was guillotined) and his Finance Minister (Turgot) who Louis "clapped into irons" because he built a house that was more luxurious than the Palace of Versailles where the king lived. We've seen that LC likes to tell these very dramatic stories that seem to indicate he is making a very profound point. Yet, considering this context, the story really didn't deliver a good point. I suppose you might think he was implying that his father would whack Johnny because he lived in a house that was more luxurious than Carmine's. But that didn't seem to make sense. It certainly didn't ring true and it had no point. It was just a way of telling a story that seemed to be saying something terribly profound, yet really didn't deliver any sensible message. I get the idea that LC likes to hear himself talk and he tells these stories that sound like they are delivering a very important message in order to make himself seem like a very wise and important man, yet underneath it all, there's nobody home. I guess, maybe LC is really quite stupid and tries to compensate for that by using large words and telling profound stories, but it's all just noise and bluster. Does that seem like a fair assessment of LC to any of you? I'd really like to hear your opinions of LC's behavior.

There's a well know expression that I can't quite remember. I think it may come from Shakespeare. It goes something like, "full of wind and bluster but signifying nothing". Could that be it? Can anyone help me remember this phrase? I'd like to try to use it to describe LC. It sure seems to fit him.

Good News for those of us who like the "Favorite Quote" thre

Hey! Good News for those of us who like Favorite Quotes from each episode. This thread hasn't gotten very much action. There is a thread for our favorite quotes from the current episode as it airs. But there aren't many threads for oder episodes. So if you like to go back and view episodes from previous seasons, there is very little opportunity for you to share your favorite quotes from those episodes or to see other peoples' favorites - except maybe to post them in this thread.

To that end, Detective Hunt has made this thread a sticky and I'm hoping that people will choose to post some of their favorite quotes for any episode they tend to re-watch if it doesn't already have a thread for favorite quotes.

In this way, we can all share our favorite quotes from past seasons and hopefully this thread will become very active and more people will post their favorite quotes from previous seasons. If people start posting their favorite quotes here, I will ask the moderators to consider moving them into some more appropriate threads - creating more "Favorite Quote" threads as needed.

I just posted a bunch of quotes from Episode 51 - Eloise above this post. It has become my most favorite episode of them all.

P.S. After writing this post, I have decided that it would be a mistake to ask the moderators to move any of the "Favorite Quotes" that people post here. It is a lot of work to post a "Favorite Quotes" thread under all the previous episodes. I think it's fine to post one under each of the new episodes - since there are only 6 left. But it would make things so much easier if the "Favorite Quotes" from all other past episodes were posted right here. After all, the more traffic that this thread gets, the more people will feel like participating and the easier it will be for people to know where to post their "Favorite Quotes". There will be only one place. Here!

Detective Hunt has created a whole bunch of new threads for each episode for some of the previous seasons. But there are still a few seasons with no threads yet posted and it's a big job to create all those threads - especially since no one knows how much traffic these threads will actually see. It's so much simpler to just post everything here and move things later if necessary. After all, there are close to 100 episodes in total over all six seasons.

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Splishak, I totally agree with your assesment of Little Carmine. I too was just watching some of season 4 and the episode "Eloise" and he is definently one of those people who try to cover his lack of intelligence with big words and quotes that he constantly forgets how they go. I do enjoy this character in a supporting role and loved the time Johnny Sack sunk his boat. Tony replied to Johnny, "what's with you, you sunk that idiot's boat?" I also loved when Tony called him, brainless the 2nd. So for all of Little Carmine's big words and stories everyone sees him for the moron he is, making the character truly entertaining to listen to.

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