jouster wrote:There is an homage to a long-running children's television program contained in the show. Can you name the episode of the Sopranos, and the children's program?
Episode Title: "Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood" Season 3, Episode 1

Children's Show: Mr. Roger's Neighborhood


In Australia we are not familiar with Mr Roger's Neighbourhood, so I am not certain which specific episode is the "homage".

There was one episode in season 5 "Cold Cuts" that was stylistically offbeat. At the time it reminded me of the 60s show Room 222 when at the end of a scene would turn into a still shot. In that same epidode Tony gets Janice worked up after she was taking anger management course. He walked out of the Baccalieri household strolling through the leafy neighbourhood. Despite the theme of that episode it almost seem an unreal and idealised vision of middle America.

I don't know if that is the episode you had in mind but I remember finding it quite curious when I first watched it.


In "Pie-O-My," Uncle Junior is seen hanging up his jacket as he says "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood," which is what Mr. Rogers would do in the opening of every show. Of course, Junior continues "...and I gotta rot in that courtroom."

It's yours, Garth, if you want it.


prof_d_boiz wrote:Good stab (ha ha sinc the question is about death) at the first three seasons.

The only one that was missed in season 1 was the the son of Junior's tailor who committed suicide.

Is season 2, there are 2 missing. One appeared on screen and one was mentioned.

I think there is one missing from season 3. Both Carlo Renzi and Dino Zerilli were shot during the botched poker game robbery.

Anybody else wanna try for the rest of season 2 or season 4-6?
If you watch closely, or in slow-motion, apparently another (unidentified) poker player besides Sunshine was killed during Jackie Jr, Dino and Carlo's robbery. He was seated to Christopher's left and is seen face-down on the table during the shoot-out.

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