Steve Buscemi has directed a number of feature films, including "What Happened To Pete" and "Animal Factory".

Peter Bogdanovich, in the recurring cast, directed "Paper Moon" and "The Last Picture Show" to name two.

Sydney Pollack, of "Tootsie" and "Out of Arica", made friends with a dying Johnny Sac in #79, "Stage 5".

Jon Favreau, who was in ep. #20, "D-Girl", directed the films "Made" and "Elf".

Paul Mazursky played a recurring character in some of the card game scenes; his directing resume includes "Harry and Tonto" and "Moscow On The Hudson".

Vondie Curtis-Hall, who, as Maurice Tiffen, colluded with Tony and Zellman in the HUD scam in #45, "Everybody Hurts", directed "Gridlock'd" and "Glitter".

Daniel "Sally Boy" Baldwin has two film directing credits, "Fall" and "The Tunnel".

Also: Charles S. Dutton comes to mind; he appeared in ep. #31, "Another Toothpick". But he only has one feature film directing credit, "Against The Ropes".

And Toni Kalem (Angie Bonpensiero) wrote and directed a film called "A Slipping-Down Life".

But aside from those people, I got nothin'.


That's it: the timing of that episode seems to coincide with her treatment for cancer, but whether or not that had anything to do with her not being in the episode is open to speculation. Tony and Carmela were in the middle of their separation, and that episode focused mainly on Junior and his worsening dementia. Jouster, you're up!

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