Hey guys,

i'm glad i finally was able to enter the side. my name is Fred i'm in the california suburbs.

i've been overwatching sopranos episodes for while now. i watched it pretty closely because i hadn't seen it upon first airing in 2014 or so after i had a nervous breakdown it was very good companionship for how intimately interwoven the audience becomes with the family.

i would like to explore the show but i don't know where to start. the entire thing is so good it's hard to particularize any one aspect of the show. i don't really care about the ending so much as what came before.

i haven't looked into the forums on the possible movie that might come out. i was kind of bummed cause i didn't really understand the appeal of the original twin peaks on cbs, i think it was. i really like THE RETURN but the original one is a little kooky toned and lacking lynch's growth.

i remember seeing chase on a PBS documentary about how much he got tripped up on some of those dream sequences in the original twin peaks.

i noticed in a lot of the dream sequences in the show that he takes a lot of comfort in dream logic and not necessarily the ambiguous logic of base, waking reality.

i'm looking forward to exploring some of these other forums i'm open to receive any suggestions you guys have about what i might read and not read.

i'd also like to recommend MARK Z. DANIELEWSKI's THE FAMILIAR, which is very similar to sopranos in that it follows long arcs of family struggle.

it's in book form so you have to read it which is not the same thing as watching but is just a different mode of consumption.

it's built in the form of a TV show and i noticed, too, that you guys have a lot of cat conversations on here. chris' ghost and such.

let me know if you guys receive this well.

i look forward to further communication.



Hi Fred (or should I say Mr. Tuttle?:-). Glad you got your membership going and are finding your way through the forums. I don't have time to post anymore, and there's not a lot of activity by others either. So don't be too disappointed if you don't get a lot of replies.

I suppose when the Sopranos prequel is released, there will be an uptick in posting. But that's still a ways out. Until then, hope you find reading the old threads entertaining and hope the odd member pops in to exchange thoughts with you.


Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"



i expected as much as the show has been quite off the air for some time although many seem to be currently re-seeing it . . . re-deconstructing it . . .

i am content to just read all of things that have been previously metabolized . . .

lots and lots and lots and lots of good questions raised here . . .

just kind of sniffing along the walls of the glassine internet, kind of thing . . .
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