Re: Was Mikey Palmice "Made" ?

Mikey "Grab Bag" Palmice was most certainly a made man, as he was the right hand man to Junior, who had been the captain of his own crew for probably decades and had just been promoted to "acting" boss.

I really think the writers weren't as up on the "mob" rules as they were in Season 3, and in the Ralphie situation, that particular rule was vital to the plot, thus the writers used the "rule" to further the storyline.

The "stapling" of Mikey wasn't so important as the Ralphie situation, and was more of a throwaway scene, IMO.

I know a lot of people didn't like Mikey, but I thought he was great. The actor go the mob swagger and attitude down perfectly. Loved his lines like "go take a Midol!"

Re: Was Mikey Palmice "Made" ?

Livia, he was one of those characters that was just perfectly over-the-top. At times I thought they overdid his ignorance a tad. Like the scene where he describes the druggie whose head was bashing against rocks for hours. As for the question of him being made, I am almost certain he was. The midol line never fails to crack me up though.
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