do you find this weird about Meadow?

Meadow has always known from Season 1 that her dad is in the mafia. In fact if I can recall correctly, she showed AJ on the net that her dad was involved in organised crime.
But in the last episode ( I think and forgive me if I'm wrong) she says she decided to be a lawyer instead of a paediatrician because of minorities being persecuted by the law when they are innocent and the point she makes is that she has seen her dad dragged of by the feds numerous times. Now unless she is suffering from amnesia in Season 6 does anyone else think this is strange?

Re: do you find this weird about Meadow?

Good catch but I'll try to make some explanation (or at least try to second guess Chase's rationale).

As a child Meadow was more conscious of the popular stereotypes associated with Italians and via the internet could see what her father and his associates were being accused of. I suppose as Meadow got older she started to believe the myth about the Italian contribution to organised crime was overstated or perhaps the mafia was an anti-establishment co-operative whose original purpose was to fight the corrupt oppressive state like Robin Hood.

Or simply as a young adult she identified more strongly with her cultural group and she became heavily in denial as to what her father actually did. I think we might have seen signs of this earlier on when she defended her father's job as being simply in waste management. Her break-up with Finn was probably when her world view changed completely.

Re: do you find this weird about Meadow?

I think we saw hints at this transformation. I am reminded of the third season finale, Army of One. Towards the end of the episode, Meadow repeatedly and vehemently stands up for her family and their place as Italian-Americans. So its not like it just came up out of the blue. Also of note is in the fifth season when she defends her dad's associates, despite what Finn has witnessed. While Meadow has many of her dad's attributes, she has taken on her mom's denial without a problem.

Re: do you find this weird about Meadow?

I don't think Meadow, or Carmela are in any sort of denial about Tony or their extended family & community. Meadow has just become more sophisticated and has learned not to ever mention anything directly for what it is. when it comes to LCN or family matters. She is also becoming more racially/ethnically aware as her experience at college and the law center dictate. By not acknowledging the more hidden nature of waste management/entertainment/sports betting, she is becoming more 'mafioso' herself. No doubt in the future much of her clientele will be culled from her father's associates as a defense attorney. If anything she just learned how to talk the talk at another level. Depending on her audience, there is no need to mention the obvious, as there is a need to present the right image, as there is to dismiss those who may be prying t close to whatever, aka rats. She has built up natural defense mechanisms through language. As well as a bangin' figure.
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