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I was never quite sure as to how the whole boss thing worked out. Now I know that Jackie was bodd before Tony, but he specifically says that he's only acting boss while "the big man's a guest of the government." Now I know there's something about Eckley DiMeo was the original boss of the family but I don't exactly understand how it works AND when they mention it in the series? Is this something that they sort of changed over time and now it has a different past, or is it just something im missing because I really don't remember it being discussed in general, especially not this late in the series' run. Can someone help me out here.

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All we know as far as Sopranos history mentioned during the show is that DiMeo was boss, went to jail leaving Jackie as acting boss and Jackie left it to June and Tony when he died. There has never been any further word regarding Old Man DiMeo since his first mention. In truth, it's one of the biggest things that has ever bothered me about the show. Continuity counts. :icon_wink:
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Wasnt Tonys dad the boss through the 70's and 80's, thats how the family got called the sopranos in the first place?

I always thought that the sopranos family was a crew of the new york family that broke off to form its own family that had strong ties to new york?

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dunno if this helps, Jackie Aprile was supposed to be cast as a much older guy, but the actor had tried for TS, they liked him a lot and opened the spot.

I am guessing that the 'old guy in the can' was an afterthought, hence it being lightweight in the storyline, tho I think there is a mention or two in the early episodes, not just the pilot.
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