Re: Jimmy... Was he actually a rat?!?

bigbadbill007 wrote:i think you guys are talking crap. did you observe his behaviour after the bust. the questions that he was asking tony in the basement about that score. or what about the funeral where he starts trying to get junior to talk about the brendon hit. total give away.

before the bust, his behaviour was much different

worst, most naive rat ever was jimmy alteri
Also agree. Plus, he was already out on bail for one pinch when they found the guns in the pool table. Getting popped while on bail usually results in your bail getting revoked. Tony even remarked on how "lucky" Jimmy was in that respect.

Re: Jimmy... Was he actually a rat?!?

While it is interesting to think about, I have never had any doubt about Jimmy being a rat. It seemed to me that both he and Pussy were turned after the bust. The fact that they both were, gave Pussy a little breathing room. After whacking Jimmy, Tony and the rest of them probably thought they had taken out the only rat until more suspicion was eventually raised about Pussy. Just my opinion though.

Re: Jimmy... Was he actually a rat?!?

Absolutely he was a rat, everything was there 1. getting back on the street so fast after the bust 2. asking Tony straight up questions in the basement and Junior at the funeral 3. Junior and Mikey both agree hes a rat at the final meeting before they kill him. 4. right before the hit shit talking and pulling rank on Chris and Sil saying hes a captain then when they call him on being a rat, no denial just "oh shit" as in "they know?"

Keep in mind it was Junior that gave the nod for the hit not Tony, so im sure Junior would have made sure also through his own people that Jimmy was looking like a rat... Junior was still the shot caller at that point.
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