Re: What ever happend to Ade's Body?

"I think they just wanted to get her off the show and show that she's dead although she could be in hiding somewhere with silvio not having the heart to kill her."
Kind of like the hunter in the original Disney
"Snow White"? Which dwarf is Silvio? :)


Re: What ever happend to Ade's Body?

Ade is dead. Silvio killed her at a place known to be safe place for the mob to do such things and as the 'clean up man' for Tony, made sure her body was disposed of in a way that it would never be found. Of course, there could be stuff loaded with her DNA (blood, etc.) in the vehicle used to transport and on the clothing of the 'handlers' but I am quite sure that was taken care of too.
I would suspect that her body or chopped up body was buried in an safe isolated place or became fish food in the ocean (using Tony's or some other mobsters boat). Of course, there is the suitcase Chris dumped in the swamps and her car left at the airport in 'long term parking' that could have raised suspisions, but I guess they got lucky.
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