Re: Real silly question...why is it "WALNUTS" ?

I've always had the impression that mob nicknames were taken from the incident in which the member made their bones. This would usually be the first murder they committed in order to gain admittance.

In movies like Goodfellas, I think the narrator explained that the guy whose nick was "Two Guns" was called that because he used two guns when doing his murder.

I always imagined that Paulie would have made his bones by beating someone to death with a bag of walnuts. But it's just my guess - and a pretty weak guess, at that.

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Re: Real silly question...why is it "WALNUTS" ?

I read the hijacking thing on his wikipedia page also...another odd thing is that its such a well known nickname for him but i rarely hear anyone in the show refer to him by it...ive seen every episode like 30 times and all i can remember is 1 time...ritchie aprile tells beansie he ran into paulie walnuts..if anyone can remember other walnuts references please post
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