Re: just delete my post???

I deleted it because I found the remarks about the actor's looks to be insulting, totally gratutious, and unrelated to any substantive aspect of the show. The post was titled "the ugly guy", and there were several similar references throughout. It was much quicker and easier to simply delete it then close it and tell you why, particularly because it hadn't yet drawn replies. Moreover, I didn't want the title even staying on the board.

Besides the fact that I find those kinds of posts offensive, I happen to know that some people who work for the show visit this site, and it's reasonable to suspect that actors or their families/friends might at some point come by here too. The cousin of Jerry Adler is a member of this forum, for example. These are real people with real feelings and families and friends and Internet access who would not appreciate seeing themselves or their family members identitifed as "the ugly guy".

I'm certainly not suggesting that commenting on looks when it's relevant to something substantive on the show is inappropriate. For example, jayduck posited that the actor playing the pastor had an "untrustworthy face" (arched eyebrows, angular features, a perpetual smirk) and that he felt that was an intentional choice meant to convey an untrustworthiness about the message he was preaching. That was a reasoned opinion about an important issue on the show (how cogent this pastor was and how Tony might be receiving his message) to which the actor's looks were relevant.

I also have no problem with critiques about an actor's (or other show contributor's) work. If someone feels an actor did a terrible job in a scene, that concerns the substance and quality of the show and is the kind of criticism anyone in the industry should be expected to stomach, ignore, or challenge, as they see fit.

There are plenty of Sopranos sites loaded with superficial fluff, like which woman is the "hottest babe" and with inevitable side commentaries like, "yeah, so and so's body is alright but her face is a train wreck". There are plenty of sites around where it would be perfectly acceptable to refer to a character as "the ugly guy." I don't want this site to be one of them.


Re: just delete my post???

Sheila, can you link me to the kinds of posts you're talking about? I don't recall coming across any on this forum.

There is a potential key distinction in the two situations that could lead to different treatment of posts about Ginny Sac, alluded to in my post above:

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I found the remarks about the actor's looks to be insulting, totally gratutious, and unrelated to any substantive aspect of the show.<hr></blockquote>

Ginny's weight and figure have consistently been issues on the show itself and the object of many jokes from Tony and crew. Even in the wedding ep, the filming of the scene where Ginny fainted deliberately accentuates her size in a farcical way (the loud thud she made hitting the ground, the framing of the shot of her down, showing only torso and legs.) There's a fine line between acknowledging the cheap amusement at her expense that the show deliberately undertakes and propounding vicious, gratuitous insults about the actress' appearance.

One can assume that the actress took the part either knowing or suspecting that her size weighed in her favor, pardon the pun, and that it would be made an issue on the show (jokes were made the same season she was cast). And by now she surely appreciates that the very thing which makes her the butt of jokes also made her stand out from her competitors, helping land her the job in the first place and giving her a crucial role in one of the best episodes of season 4. So it's fair to impute to her some fairly thick skin on the subject as well as an attitude of, on some level, embracing her obesity as the means to a great career opportunity.

That said, I will certainly look at any offensive posts you can point me to. I just didn't come across any.


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