All-Time Time Favorite Episodes Poll

I sent a suggestion to Fly before I noticed that there were separate polls for each season. Continuing from there, my suggestion is....

As there are six seasons, perhaps the two highest second place finishers for each season would join the top season finishers in the "final 8" From there, with rankings based on total votes, along the the lines of the NCAA tournament that everyone loves to follow, #1 vs # 8, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5. Second playoff round would be #1-8 winner vs #4-5 winner. #2-7 winner vs #3-6 winner. The winners in those rounds meet for the title.

By taking the polls we'd also be able to determine an all-time "top 10"

For this purpose I think season 6 should be viewed as one contestant.

Re: All-Time Time Favorite Episodes Poll

I concur that that sounds like a wonderful thing to do about a week after the final episode when we're all looking for ways to fill the Sopranos void. It will also mean that every episode is available for the contest.

garthman has already been doing "grade this episode" polls for each episode. I think we're up to season 3, and, when I find time, I will get the forums up for all the season 3 and 4 episodes. So that could be used as the platform for these "playoffs" along with DH's favorite episode of each season polls.
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Re: All-Time Time Favorite Episodes Poll

Yeah, I have been slacking a bit with my Grade the Episode threads. But this is precisely why I started making these threads. Sounds great to me! I am currently near the end of season 2. I also agree with FoMW, when we say that we should do it after the series ends. I plan would recommend putting up a thread to let people know that we will be doing this towards the end of the season, in order to keep as many people around as possible. As, I am sure we will have a pretty dramatic drop off after the series finale (ew, I hate to even think of that)

Re: All-Time Time Favorite Episodes Poll

If we want to fill a little more time after the season ends *sob* maybe we can start with a "Sweet 16" instead. Season 6 polls would be divided into the two parts, giving us 14 contenders, and for the final two contestants we'd take the two highest 3rd place finishers for seasons 1-5. I think that's about as complicated as we should make it.

Maybe it would help if all the polls were put in a separate section of the board to facilitate voting. It would be great if voting in the season polls were expanded to allow for 2 choices per person. I don't want to make a lot of work for our friendly mods, and I'd help if needed.

Finally, once we have our top 10 established, we could go back and reminisce again about them in topics devoted to them.

Hopefully, all of this will keep the Soprano fires burning throughout the entire summer and then some.

Anyhow, I'm glad you're open to my initial suggestion as I think it could be fun.


Re: All-Time Time Favorite Episodes Poll

If we want to fill a little more time after the season ends *sob* maybe we can start with a "Sweet 16" instead.

After what?

What are you talking about. It ain't gonna end.

I've heard that before but I think that was just a rumor started by space aliens so they could leave us disheartened while they stole our gold.

So, please refrain from helping the space aliens. And please don't mess with my state of denial.

Re: All-Time Time Favorite Episodes Poll

I was thinking about this and it sounds like a great idea. One issue I see, however, is that voting for season 6, or 6b if the season is split, will take some time to get a healthy sample of votes. To be sure, we have plenty of folks around to make that happen, but I am not sure they would vote right away.

We could use the numbers from the season 6b polls for each episode to determine a first and second place finisher, while using the 1st and 2nd from each of the seasons one through 6a polls (which I am about to put up) for the other 12 entries. (Of course, that leaves us two short of a sweet 16.)

And note - once we have the polls up, I don't think we can change it to allow for multiple votes. It might be possible, but given the amount of votes in the season polls so far, I wouldn't want to make people go back and vote a second time.
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