Favorite Quote Threads from previous seasons

The "Favorite Quote" threads from the current episode is quite lively and very enjoyable. But for many of the previous episodes, there is no existing "Favorite Quote" thread, and - worse - many of those episodes don't even have a thread for the episode.

Now, I wouldn't suggest that any of you be responsible for creating about a hundred threads or so (one for each episode that doesn't yet have a thread and one for each "Favorite Quote" thread in those episodes that don't yet have one.

But Detective Hunt has made the "Favorite Quote" thread in The Kitchen Sink a "sticky" and so if people put their favorite quotes for any episodes that don't have a "Favorite Quote" thread into that thread, then maybe that thread will become more popular and the quotes could be eventually copied into appropriate threads. Or they could just be left as is. I don't see any big problem leaving them there in The Kitchen Sink.

The main thing would be to make it noticible to people that if they want to post favorite quotes for any episodes except the current, that they can post them into that thread in the Kitchen Sink.

In this way, that thread may become more active which may encourage more people to post favorite quotes there.

I've started the ball rolling with a bunch of quotes from Episode 51 - Eloise and I'd like to ask if it might be possible to somehow announce to people that they are invited to post their favorite quotes into the "Favorite Quote" thread in The Kitchen Sink.

I'm not sure of the best way to get their attention. Somehow I'm thinking that posting another thread with a lot of caps may not be the best approach. I'm hoping that you have some experience that may help?

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