Listing Our Favorite Episodes, Characters, Scenes, etc.

I know it's probably very late in the game to be suggesting any new ideas, but now that the series is almost over, I'd love to see a group of threads titled: "My Favorite Episode", "My Favorite Season", "My Favorite Character", "My Favorite Scene", "My Favorite Quote", etc. The list is very large and if we listed the episode descriptions as well as the episode titles, season numbers and episode numbers, it would be so much easier to follow the train of thought. But, as it stands, it is very difficult to organize these threads because they keep moving around due to the way this forum software moves the latest thread to the top and other threads drop off the bottom of the page. Maybe it would be possible to put a group of these topics together in a special place? I don't know about anyone else, but I would love that.

I know there are some of these threads scattered around this board, but I'd love to see them grouped together in one place. Now that the series is almost over, listing our favorites in some of these categories might make more sense now.

I think one of the reasons these kinds of threads never gained a lot of popularity was that it was always difficult to identify individual episodes. Some people prefer to use the episode title while others prefer to use a description. But below, I list the link which gives the title and one-line description of each episode and I think that if people posted their favorites listing that info, these threads would become a lot more fun and a lot more popular.

Another reason they've never gained much popularity is that it's been very difficult to keep them together because of the way this board software moves the most recently accessed thread to the top and lets others fall off the bottom of the board.

I think these threads would be some of the most popular and a lot more fun if people would list a brief (just one-line) description of the episode as well as the title. Some people know the episodes by title, but many do not. Some know them by their descriptions. But others prefer the title. Wouldn't it be great if it were easy to list both?

Anyway, here is a link to all 78 episodes (as of this date there were only 78) and a one-line description. So you can get the one-line description for any episode. You can also list the season number and episode number if you remember there are 13 episodes in every season (except Season 6 which has 22).

***WARNING*** This list contains all 22 episodes of season 6 (some of which may have not yet been broadcast. So, they contain a list of mild spoilers because they contain a one-line description (much like you'd find in TV Guide describing the episode). So don't click on the link if you don't want to see the description info.

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