Re: New Style - Earth Tones - available.

Hi biker,

Glad you temporarily came out of lurkdom.:icon_biggrin:

By "new default", I assume you mean the Earth Tones skin? It's not actually the default style. That remains Fusion, the dark blue/grey. If you were to delete your cookies after selecting any other skin in the drop down box at the lower left of each page, or logout, you would see Fusion again.

However, since a number of people have reported legibility problems with that one, I'm giving thought to switching the default over to Earth Tones. On the other hand, I like the "vibe" given off by the darker skin (someone called it "forum noir", LMAO) and in some ways would prefer that to be the first thing seen by new visitors. For the practicality of reading easier, the skin change is easy enough to implement once you're here, providing someone reads enough to know it's available.

If anyone wants to offer opinions on that, feel free.

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