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I just have a hard time with stuff like this. If you JUST look at the picture, it seems rude. But who knows what Gandolfini has endured before this picture that makes him so angry. It must get really old trying to do regular every-day things and having people pester you. I know this isn't the first incident with paparazzi and Gandolfini, but the more a reaction they get out of him, the more press it gets. So I can completely see photographers goading him to get that Soprano-rage going; when typically he seems like just a very reclusive person who likes his space.

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Honestly, he doesn't even look mad. Maybe they asked him to flip them off, maybe they pestered him to get that reaction, but it seems pretty mild.

Pretty off-topic, but there weren't (m)any bearded characters on The Sopranos, were there?

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If you have seem the video of JD going after the guy filming him and his son around Halloween last year you know he's not one that enjoys it being done. This looks like one of sevral i've seen of him where someone snaps a shot without his consent while going about his business. I saw another recently wherer he's pumping gas into his scooter. While he wasn't chucking the bird, the look he was giving the camerman, he may as well have been.

The beardlessness of the Sopranos was probably pretty intentional. MO for your classic wiseguy is to be cleanshaven. I think the only facial hair you see in any mob flick was over Brando's lip, and he gets a pass

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The Halloween incident was designed to make Gandolfini look like an asshole. He was simply trying to take his kids trick-or-treating and repeatedly asked, nicely, that the paparazzi leave them alone. I can understand snapping after the third or fourth block of that shit.

I've met him, he's a giant teddy bear. He just doesn't like constantly wading through a mob of idiots flashing cameras in his face and, worse, the faces of his children. Shit, he didn't even like giving interviews when the show was still on the air, I believe he gave one in seven years around season three and that's it.

In fact, I remember something that was done an HBO right before the final season aired, sort of a half an hour talking with the cast and crew on the waterfront in NYC. People were interviewed about how much fun they'd had, how they'd miss the series, etc. During one interview, you can see James Gandolfini in the background hanging out with a drink. A woman, possibly his publicist, gets his attention and points at the camera. Gandolfini looks at the camera, then back at her shaking his head, then walks off. You don't see him for the rest of the special.
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