Re: David Chase's (still-untitled) feature film debut

I 've watched this movie on BluRay right now.

As a bigga aficionado of sixties style and music, specially psych/garage
and a long term listener to Lil'Stevensunderground garage me appriciate it very very much!!!

Maybe I never get it without the chase lounge, thank you friends.

It's all in there: generation conflict, vietnam horror, young kids with heartful of love
and head full of LSD taken to the nuthouse and traumatized forever and parents, who never did
in their life what they really wanted to and all that stuff happened back then. COOL!
And its biographical in some way AND its a great love story.
As a Lover of this TV series called, huh what? Uh, the Sopranos, I even see the style of Mr. Chases work in this piece.

Well done!!! :icon_biggrin: LOVE IS LOVE AND NOT FADE AWAY

Yours truly fuggin' Douche

Re: David Chase's (still-untitled) feature film debut

"The trees are the music."

Got several Sopranos flashbacks while watching this the night of JG's passing. Namely, when Douglas is in LA and he looks up to the sky and the trees are moving with the breeze.

"all the while, a great wind carries me across the sky..."

Really good flick. Being a huge blues music fan, I would've loved this movie if only for the line about "waking up with bullfrogs on your mind" and Douglas wondering why it took some English kids to turn white American boys onto their native music.

I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry at Gandolfini's final line in the movie (SPOILER ALERT), the final line of David Chase's writings he would utter on screen:

"You keep your goddamn mouth shut!"

I might not have the exact quote right, but it just seemed perfect. So I laughed to keep from cryin.
"When my time comes, tell me, will I stand up?"
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